“Catalonia has already reacted as if it was a state”

Screenshot from the article in Wall Street Journal.

From Wall Street Journal on the FAZ to the left Gara, it is agreed that Catalonia could show itself as a residence of action in front of the independence inheritance

Already the picture, which the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has placed on the article, is very meaningful. It shows an aging Catalan head of government Carles Puigdemont, which stands in front of a distinct Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The conservative newspaper from the US describes Puigdemont as the "Dominant personality" in the public, "the answer to the attack" Cooked in Barcelona and Cambrils and thus the "Central State in the Shadow" have.

The connection to the contested referendum over the independence of Catalonia of Spain on 1. October made. The Catalan government has had sufficient autonomy in recent days to master the crisis. "We have shown that we are fahig to deal with every upcoming problem", If a 21-year student is quoted from Barcelona, which reproduces a general drawing in Catalonia. Also quoted is the Political Professor Ferran Requejo. "Catalonia has already reacted as if it was a state."

For the authors Paolo Mancini and Marina Force, the terrorist attack of the regional government has offered a possibility to present itself independently. Accordingly, the article is provided with this list: "Catalonia Showcases Autonomy in Terror Attack Sample". The text also becomes the "Strong tensions" addressed between the Catalan and Spanish government in recent months, as the latter wants to prevent the referendum with all means and even threatened with the militar. The region that Spain wants to leave has one with the announcements "Get possibility to show that you can rule independently of Madrid", Resumes the article.

The fact that Catalonia and the Madrid-renounced regional government could continue to gain recognition with the crisis ruling internationally internationally in the Frankfurt General Zeitung (FAZ). They title: "The Catalan regional government profiles itself with the successful search for the Barcelona Attestanes". So Hans Christian Robler describes that in the face of the embarrassing experiment of the Spanish Minister of the Interior Juan Ignacio Zoido, then the Catalan police chief Josep Lluis Trapero on Monday "The last word" be kept.

Because it was the Catalans, who after that of the death of the death driver Younes Abouyaaaqoub announced that the terrorist cell should be decommissioned. Zoido had already claimed on Saturday, "that nothing more abyss from the terror group". The man who has 14 of 15 sacrifices on the conscience ran around. Also stated after two other members of the cell, including their heads. Because it was still unclear on the weekend if he was further alive.

The FAZ turns out how slow "The Spanish Minister Prosident Mariano Rajoy after the amokfahrt on the boulevard La Rambla" had reacted, during the Catalans the lead the initiative grasped and "You in the following four days" be kept. And so highlights of the referendum overlooking the referendum, that in the face of shredded relationships and mistrust "the proud" may be, "that the small Catalonia has been completed within a few days practically alone with the gross danger – almost like a self-state."

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