Burger in california, nevada and massachusetts enforce legalization of marihuana

Burger in California, Nevada and Massachusetts enforce Legalization of Marihuana

Six gram of marijuana. Photo: Milliped. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

After the implementation of the referendums by politics, the benefit of the entire US west custody will be allowed

Yesterday, the Burgers in the US rated not only Donald Trump to the prasident, but also voted in numerous states of popular references. Among other things, four of these states were a legalization of Marihuana, which succeeded in three of them.

The most important state of this states is California. Nearly 40 million people live in the world’s hexagonal economy, which voted the current payout status, despite the massive resistance of the democratic senator Dianne fine stone and many other politicians with 56 percent for Proposition 64.

Eight years ago, a similar initiative had just failed. Among other things, the legalization succeeded on the former Facebook Prasident Sean Parker, who provided a coarse donation for the realization prompts with $ 22 million significantly more money than the opponents.

For Tom Angell, the chairman of the Marijuana Majority, is this victory in California "The most important moment in the history of the marijuanal regalization movement" – Therefore, because he is the state of "culturally extremely influential" stop. The vote becomes his view "accelerate the end of marijuana prohibition at federal level enormously".

Legalisierungsbefurworter victorious where they had more money at your disposal

Specifically, the California voted Darfur that one can (about 30 grams) of marijuana buy one ounce continue to be, even without medical royal recipe and smoke if you over 21 years old. If you prefer Homegrown may, up to six plants grow. The use as drugs is Golden State allowed for 20 years.

The proposition adopted by the Wahlern 64 looks auberdem provides that the State Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Consumer Protection manufacturing and distribution control and that marijuana is taxed at the planters at 9.25 dollars and at dealers with another 15 percent per ounce. Cultivation and trade must auberdem approved by districts and municipalities. These can refuse permits and set up additional rules for the private marijuana cultivation.

In the Gluckspielstade Nevada, where Marihuanal Organization Initiatives failed in 2002 and 2006 with 39 and 44 percent, the Burger yesterday agreed to the current payout status after about 54 percent for the legalization question 2, which allows Marihuana as a gourmet under similar conditions as artificial in California. Consumption on publicly burst or in vehicles remains prohibited in Nevada and costs $ 600 penalty pro stabilized. Here were four million dollars for legalization evictions. Her opponents had only three and a half million, despite a coarse donation of the Casinomogul Sheldon Adelson.

In the Eastern Custain State Massachusetts, the WAHLER’s current payout status ignited according to the marijuanal regalization question Question 4 With 53 percent majority. Here are also six plants, but ten ounces allowed. The tax will be charged in the form of a 3.75 percent premium to the 6.25 percent VAT. Other area corporations can cut up to two percent in addition. In the nearby Maine, where the Marihuana Rage was not question 2, but question 1, the examorts were also at the front of 88 percent of the ballot boxes – but only with 51 percent. Here, the legalization futures had spent $ 3.2 million for their campaign, the opponents only 233.000.

Failed is the legalization attempt only in Arizona, where 52 percent of the Mussels voted against the local Proposition 205, whose carrying accounts of 5.2 million dollars was a little less money than the opponents who have 5.6 million dollars.

Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas allow Marihuana as a medicine – Burger of Montana wise regional parliament in the barriers

In addition to these initiatives for the legalization of marijuana as a gourmet, there were four more, in which it was covered as a medicinal product: in the popular florida surprise amendment 2 after a narrow fails four years ago, the two-thirds majority of this time with 71 percent clear. There Cannabis can be prescribed the next year in cancer, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, as, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma or post-traumatic burden – and in diseases that a doctor is similar to that comparable.

However, cultivation by patient remains prohibited. Otherwise, the north Dakota, where the Measure adopted 64 percent, allows 5 to eight plants on a faucet and completed area when a patient lives more than 40 miles away from the next provider.

In the South State Arkansas, the Wahler took the 2012-rejected release of Marihuana as a medicine with 52 percent. And in the high mountain state of Montana, with the I-182 initiative, the regional parliament in the barriers wished that a release of the people decided by the people wanted to seek a law for reviewing doctors, which prescribed more than 25 patients marijuana.

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