Bp: “no asses to kick”

The olpest and organized irresponsibility

Are damage claims and other claims relating to the olpest once to trial in the Gulf, the case for BP does not look so bad. That says the experience that points to an example Exxon-Valdez – Exxon had after a long legal Hader less than half pay that to which the Group has been committed initially (see olpest: If the bill ever paid?To).

Yesterday’s appearance of BP boss Tony Hayward before the Committee of the American Reprusant House, the "House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations", leading frustrated committee members and the publicity, how does that work, smart and without coarse damage to the hairstyle come out of a pretty dirty thing, almost like in the movie. The trick runs beyond personal education. As it is practiced by Hayward, it is not a case for the psychiatrist, but demand of the day, as the business life on a successful manager and consolidated head

The "natural person" explains that she foes what’s all natural persons: "Expression" "Devastation!"- Tony Hayward also emphasized in his testimony before the committee, how much he does the cause of golfing sorry," I am deeply sorry "and that you do not exchange, Hayward Weub, that it is a human weary :

This is a tragedy: People Lost Their Lives; Others were injured; And the Gulf Coast Environment and Communities Are Suffering. This is unacceptable, I understand that, and let me be very clear: I Fully Grasp the Terrible Reality of the situation. When I Learned That Eleven Men Had Lost Their Lives in The Explosion and Fire On The Deepwater Horizon, I What Personally Devastated.

Different the person Hayward, which is part of the legal person BP. This hayward woman nothing. As on a wall, all questions were bounced on the same answer, the committee members complained. Hayward has blocked all more accurate demands for the cause of the offense that he knows nothing and is not responsible, a reply pattern in the report of the Wall Street Journals is made clear in several places:

"With Respect, Sir, WE Drill Hundreds of Wells Each Year," Hey (Hayward, Immer. D.A.) Said Slowly, Fingering A Pen As He Testified. "I’m not stonewalling," Mr. Hayward Said. "I Simply What Not Involved in The Decision-making Process" Before the explosion.

The answer, after which the BP-CEO can not be informed about every single process in hundreds of holes, may sound first plausible. However, in the concrete case, the BP boss has been informed in writing by the Committee before the survey in writing about what it becomes, you can not understand Hayward’s statements other than a roll text.

Hayward knew very well what the speech is. Parts of the documents that accuse BP in which Deep-Horizon bore have been risky, from cost and time prere – the hole was in default – to have swapped in default – and refrain from important work steps, come from the Group itself.

An aphorism of unknown origin shows (see Siemens and the multification), as the soil is obtained on which the BP representatives play their roles that encounter certain audience expectations ("We dedicate ourselves to the concerns of the little people"), but have the responsibility to face as little as an actor that commits build murder:

"Corporations Have Neither Bodies to Be Kicked, Nor Souls to Be Damned".

The fact that the historical environmental disaster on the Gulf of Mexico is entirely the question of the responsibility of corporations and the legislation here many loopholes just rely open, ideologues always understand the fastest. Thus, the sensational exercise of the Texemian deputy Joe Barton, who apologized for the type of action against BP on a spectacular way, may not be so amazing:

"I Apologize. I do not Want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong is subject to some sort of political prere that is-Again, in My Words-Amounts to A Shakedown. So, i apologize.

Due to the violent reactions, Barton should have returned the apology to renew her later.

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