Blugsucker mass hystery in malawi and mozambique

Blugsucker Mass Hystery in Malawi and Mozambique

Blantyre, the second graved city of Malawis. Photo: Brian Dell. License: Public Domain.

At least nine dead and 140 arrests

The African country Malawi is currently hit by a mass hystery, which since the 16. September at least nine people’s life cost. It’s about alleged bloodsuckers. How serious is the situation, it also shows that the United Nations on 9. October Her staff from the areas of Mulanje and Phalombe collected.

The bloodsuckers who introduce themselves in Sudmalawi are not identical to the vampires in European culture. These are people who are to drink the blood of other people to become rich. As proof it is enough for someone’s nosebleed. The fact that the blood vacuums are not caught on fresh deeds, the hysteriafassests explained that the bloodsuckers use spells, magic technology or magic chemicals and work together with the agents. In most cases, the suspicion fell on a local question.

Cleaned and burned

In the 745.400-inhabitant city Blantyre, among other things, held an epileptic, which an applied mob on 19. October stoneware, for a blood vacuum. Another victim was burned on the same day. To prevent the police from coming to help the sacrifices, the MOB blocked stole. In the meantime, the safety faith was increased and a starting lock was detected. About 140 people who are accused of involved in attacks and lynchmords were arrested. There are two men who should have stood to drink the blood of other people.

So far, there is no indications that they made that – but just as little is excluded that they tried in faith in an effect (cf. Luba rebels believe in invincibility spells through blood drinking). Also in other African countries there are both witchcraft premiums and faith in witchcraft (cf. Automatic critic brake). In the Central African Republic, for example, it regularly comprises negotiations because of the storm causing, soul robbery and the transformation of people in animals. In the neighboring Congo, the police arrested persons who have been accused of shrunking the penises of other manners. After behavior, however, the arrests were only made so that it did not come to lynch justice, as in Ghana and Benin.

In the areas affected by the current hysteria in Sudmalawi live above all Lomwe, which there is also in Mo Mozambique (where their language has developed without the influence of the in Malawi dominant Chichewa but otherwise). There, in Mozambique, the blood towers should have started starting. Togged together with the police, it came in Mozambique but only last week, as a hysterie-made in Muiane in the Lomwe district of Gile not only the shop of a man bitten, which they considered a blood vacuum, but also the administrative building and the houses of politicians – underneath That of the locational secretary of the ruling Frelimo party. The district of the district and numerous civil servants continued to Alto Molocue.

Mozambican Al-Shabaab

Shortly before, on the 5. October, Mozambique had experienced the first Islamist terrorist attack of his history, in which 30 Jihadists overwhelmed three police resources and briefly the rule in the 300.000 inhabitant city Mocimboa da Praia take over. In the battles with special units from other districts, in addition to two policemen and a municipal politician, 13 terrorists came to life. Others should be escaped with weapons and ammunition from police.

The attack was carried out by the assistant knowledge of a Salafists group founded in 2014, which (like their coagulants in the Three Lander Northern Northern Somalia) "Al-Shabaab" ("the youth") is called. They control two mosques and ban their appendants – similar to Boko Haram in Nigeria – to send their children in schools. Hospasters are also considered as a "Haram".

Mocimboa da Praia is located in the northeastern Mozambik – an area where Arab maritime had spread their religion before the Portuguese colonial period. Before the Kuste of this Islamic dominated province of Cabo Delgado store rich ol- and gas deposits. A Salafist movement was created there only by the influence of Saudi Arabia, where many young Mozambicans studied and then returned with money and corresponding ideas.

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