Blasphemy and fundamental rights

Egypt: a link too "Innocence of Muslims" brings confessing atheists a depression of three years – because of insulting Islam

Next Saturday, the strike design is coordinated in a referendum. Opponents adhere to the design, which was properly projected by religious power, by members of Muslim Bruters and also Salafists, that he did not correspond to the diversity of the Egyptian Society.

A distinctive ie is the lack of protection of fundamental rights. Critics ran as an example for the freedom of expression, which is guaranteed in Article 45, but is braced by other items. The guarantee of the fundamental right to freedom of expression is on a shaky ground. For example, for example, the previous Article 44 states that the "Insult or the abuse of all religious ambassadors and prophets is prohibited".

The prospects for someone, which publicly represents a different segment than those who are mentioned by Sunnitan Schools, which are mentioned in the new term for the first time as a maillable for the jurisdiction, are bad. Especially when the public activities notice. That was the case with Alber Saber Ayyad.

He had a link to the mockfilm in September "Innocence of Muslims" set – and that had noticed some users in the neighborhood. A short time later, the house in which he lived is surrounded by a deserted mob. The police arrested him. Who accepts, that would probably also happen to his protection, sees himself exchanged. A police officer whirring cells that attacked him reports Amnesty International.

"God as weak" designated

Yesterday Alber Saber was sentenced by a court in Cairo to three years in prison – because of insulting Islam. The court was Alber Saber "Complaination of religion" guilty. In addition to the Youtube link to the film clips, the court of Saber, a report of the Egypt newspaper independent, was now, in mind that he was on a Facebook page "Extremistic thoughts" and atheism spread as well as insults of the saint, the prophet as well as Islamic and Christian wrap, he also has God as "weak" described.

What "Extremist thought" is the responsibility of judges. The offense stock is set out in Article 98 (f) of the Egyptian Criminal Law as a criminal offense and, as Case Studies (PDF) show, gross scope. If you are now in mind that the judges are also part of society and are very well influenced by currents, so product demanded to improve the right to freedom of expression better protection.

The growing number of atheist, which has been particularly trusting in Egypt since the overturnation last year, as Egypt Independent is watching the instantaneous longing crisis, which is associated with a power struggle of religious and sacular warehouses, is concerned with concern.

Saber’s salaries who assess the verdict as scandal, can appeal and Alber Saber was ultimately set against deposit on free fuv. Whether his chances of appeal by the appeal as well as the mood in Egypt shows on Saturday? Regardless of whether he has to compete, so Amnesty, the young man’s life is "ruined":

This Conviction wants Ruin His Life, Whether Hey Serves the Sentence Or Not. The Court Should Have Thrown The Case Out On The First Day, Yet Now He’s Been Branded As Having Insulted Religion.

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