Bitmain antminer e9: the most efficient etherum miner without graphics cards

Bitmain Antminer E9: The most efficient Etherum miner without graphics cards

The Chinese ASIC Designer Bitmain has called his second specialized complete system for skows of ether-coins (EtherEmum). The Antminer E9 calculates 3000 megahashes per second (mh / s) at a power consumption of just under 2600 watts and is thus more efficient than any current graphics card of AMD and NVIDIA.

Bitmain installed application-specific integrated circuits (ASICS), but does not go to details in the Uber Twitter envision. To date, the crypto food Etherum died due to the memory requirements with graphics cards. In Times of High Krypto Courses, Chinese Mining Farm Operators Buy Mass Hardware, Which Ensures a Poor Availability of Gaming Graphics Cards in Retail.

Better in the second start

Bitmains First Ether-ASIC-Miner Antminer E3 from 2018 was still more inefficient with a power consumption of 800 watts of AMD (Radeon RX 400/500) and Nvidia (GeForce GTX 1000) with 180 mh / s. The E9 successor now relates significantly to normalized 0.85 joules per megahash (the lower the value, the better). For comparison, the most efficient graphics cards optimizes around 1.8 joules per megahash – the memory clock is raised and the GPU operated with reduced voltage. From the factory are GPUs at about 3 Joule Per Megahash.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 – The fastest mining GPU – creates around 120 mh / s at 285 to 290 watts. Added to this is the power loss of subbuilding; In mining farms usually favorable systems with Intel’s Celeron processors. According to ranking, NVIDIA is currently preparing a new top model from the Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP) series: The 220Hx should be according to Twitter users "I_leak_vn" Create 210 mh / s. Accordingly, the GA100 GPU, which is actually intended for data centers and used fast HBM2 stackers.


Bitmain is meanwhile a heavyweight in the mining world, but it remains to be seen whether Etherum miner will improve the availability of graphics cards. The latter are popular with miners because they can be reselled on PC players when not in use. This is an important point, the EtherEmum Foundation at some point should attract the change to a proof-of-stake model (POS) to make the mining obsolete.

Currently the corresponding ETH-2 is.0-update for the year 2022, but has previously been moved several times. Short-term pasting at the Ethash algorithm could make ASIC miner completely useless.

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