Become coal power plants unprofitable?

The Energy and Climate Week Show: The Chancellor Mauss again with the energy companies and let Oettinger harmonize, E.On-boss wants "outlandish" about one of the demand of renewable speaking and in China booms both the construction of wind facilities and the coal-fired power plants

On Wednesday of last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel demonstrated the electoral team again, which she stopped by the parliamentary democracy. In the style of their transactions, she invited the tops of the four coarse energy companies, the Federal Association of Industry and Siemens, Bosch and BASF for dinner to discuss in intimate round energy policy directional decisions for the next decades.

Was not something there in the last months? Is not a whole region against this type of policy in the Sudwest, which meets the head of the people of people? Did not the republic had seen in Berlin in 2010 in 2010 after the relevant to the majority of the population in Berlin and then in the Wendland the biggest antiatom protests have been seen for decades? But obviously the Federal Government The Wahler is still pretty stupid: asked why no representatives of the wind or solar industry were invited to the meeting, a report of the news agency DPA to follow government spokesman Steffen Seibert, that even the coarse energy suppliers are strong in the field of Renewable energies are engaged.

On the results of the meeting was introduced in retrospect at the aftershin. Angela Merkel Liebe only know that launches are unfounded, there are short-term deep cuts in the claim of renewable energy carriers. However, no one had burred, apart from the solar industry. Alarms are the windmullers and solar plant manufacturers rather because of the plan of the German EU Energy Commissary Gunther Oettinger, the EU energy policy "harmonize", That’s how to unify. Created by a regulation that the growth rates of the "clean" Electricity supplier explicitly limited.


That the "harmonization" Quite in the interest of the local electrician companies, love on Monday e.On-boss Johannes Teyssen in the interview with the Handelsblatt. He wishes a European energy policy "from the same mould" and want "at a given time" About the EEG "promise".

He probably sketched the line, which was agreed on Wednesday: the EEG is initially attacked headlike in view of the many upcoming elections, because the goods only water on the muple of opposition. Instead, Oettinger is presumptuous to prepare for enough regulations at the EU level, behind which one will then hide. The Black Peter got in the public once again a for the local Wahler not to tailored anonymous Brusseler Burocracy. The schedule is also understood as long as possible: in its specifications for the ordered fighter report (see tricks with the maturities and all Peanuts – energy scenarios of the Federal Government) went the Federal Government already in the summer of last year that it is no claim for wind from 2020CO. give more will.

Wind energy on the rise

Meanwhile, China has uberholt the USA in terms of wind energy. How different agencies report, in the People’s Republic of 2010, Windrader has been set up with a potential capacity of around 16 gigawatts (GW). One year ago it had been 13 GW. Thus, China has now not only the world’s largest market for wind turbines, but is also just in front of the USA the country with the well-used installed performance. At the end of 2010, it was 41.8 GW against 40.2 GW in the USA. For comparison: in Germany, until recently Windland number 1, were allowed to have turned wind turbines with a capacity of 26 to 27 GW at the end of December 2010. Building these capitals had taken over 20 years.

In the US, it is obviously significantly less rapid in the windseektor than in China. For German conditions, the approximately 5 GW of newly installed performance are still pretty much, but for the US, they mean a dramatic racy after the boom year 2009. Apparently, the eternal up and down the economy for windCO. fort. With the youngest election success of the Republicans who pull against everything about everything, which also looks only away after climate protection, the prospects were not even better. General Electric, America’s most of the wind turbine manufacturers, reported according to New York Times, in any case, for the third quarter of 2010 a strong rinse of the sale.

In China, however, everything is not necessarily all gold, which sparks. There you still have to fight with the network connection somewhere. The Xinhua news agency speaks elsewhere of 31 GW wind performance, which were available in 2010, which remains unclear whether the number really relate to the latest figures from the end of the year. Probably behind the discrepancy is the fact that many plants still have to wait for a long time until the grid connection is made. Other can not always feed the full performance, because the local network is inadequate.

But that too will change. In the new Funfians plan of the People’s Republic, which has been discussed in recent months and will be adopted by the year-round folk congress, the energy supply should be caught a high priority. The National Energy Order has been confused that the wind energy should be played on the property. At the end of 2011 already 55 GW could "Wind performance" be installed. In the current year, the construction of various coarse projects began, including a FUNF GW wind farm near Jiuquan in the Central Chinese province of Gansu, a two-GW project further west in the Autonomous Province of Xinjiang, coarse projects in the internal Mongolia as well An a GW offshore project in front of the Kusten Jiangsu in the neighborhood of Shanghai.

New coal-fired power plants

This is also urgent necessary, because the country has developed to further reduce the carbon intensity of its economy, by 40 to 45 percent per unit of economic output to the level of 2005 by 2020. In other words: 2020, for each euro Chinese gross national product, only 55 will be emitted to up to 60 percent of the amount of CO2, as it had been in 2005. A first stage, namely you reduces 20 percent was just filled in 2010 on the last meters. According to a report by Xinhua, many old plants were shut down again in a campaign, such as small coal-fired power plants with low efficiency and in -ffeime steel melts.

At the same time, however, a lot of new coal-fired power plants are built, which, however, are significantly more efficient. The territor should go into operation by 2015 coal power plants with a capacity of 270 GW in operation. That was allowed to match 330 to 340 coarse power plant blocks. Obviously, the new Chinese coal-fired power plants are so modern that their average efficiency is already over the US level and moved to the 40 percent.

The question is how long that can go well. China only has 14 percent of the worldwoman reserves contributes 47 percent to worldwide consumption. Accordingly, the times of cheap coal go slowly towards your end. According to a background report of the news agency Reuters, in China, production costs have doubled in the last five years to $ 43 per tonne. This is a consequence of the seizure of the easy-to-reach storage registrars and the increased safety standards. For a long time, China was buried for his numerous deadline chucks. It has been pleased to halve death rates in recent years, but still die in China’s coal mines year for year several thousand buddies.

The safety standards must therefore be further increased, which will drive the price of coal upwards, as well as the rising transport costs do, which can make up to 60 percent of the final price due to the wide distances in the Giantland. In addition, the search for new flozen is becoming more expensive. Until 1.500 meters deep must be dug in some places.

Currently, about 3.2 billion tons of charcoal per year are required in China. The new power plants will require more than 0.8 billion tonnes. In order to increase the amount of € 3.6 to 3.8 billion tons provided in the Funfians plan, numerous old power plants had to be shut down and the consumption for heating purposes.

Whether that succeeds, is open, but clearly seems to be that imports for Chinese coal supply will play an increasing role. This will certainly continue to increase the world market price for power plant and coccyine, which in turn is in question the cost-effectiveness of new coal-fired power plants in Germany. The projects planned in this country is usually based on a relatively favorable coal price, as it has been in recent decades, but now by the economic rise of China’s obsolete.

The numerous burger initiatives, which in this country, as well as in the USA has already been able to prevent many planned coal-fired power plant in the last three years – with Krefeld is currently a further location on the cant – if the involved energy companies and municipal utilities have preserved billions of misinvestments before billions. So that this can not happen again in the future, the Federal Ministry of the Interior plans the restriction of burger participation in coarse projects. Should Sauna-Zugege, Berlin S-Bahn and Winter Chaos at Deutsche Bahn showed that managers and politicians still best know what the country really needs.

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