Bayern introduces new video conferencing visavid for all schools

Bayern introduces new video conferencing visavid for all schools

Bayern announced that from the end of April all schools – explicitly basic schools – the video conferencing variety should use Visavid. Microsoft Teams, for which licenses are placed by the Ministry of Culture, can still be used with a transitional period until the summer. The use of US software has been criticized from data protection reasons. However, Much was first unclear at Visavid.

The software comes from a company called ACTORES GmbH, which sits in Neumarkt (Bavaria), and has not yet come in appearance. When trying to create a Testaccount, an error message appeared on Friday afternoon, with the note that the access was denied.

Culture Minister Michael Piazolo (Free Wahler) explains in the Communication of the Bavarian Ministry of Culture Minister: "Visavid is a user-friendly, mab-tailored and privacy-compliant video conferencing tool for our schools." It is easy to use and without installation, so in the browser. Data processing takes place in accordance with EU data centers – this is guaranteed. There are therefore no self-hosted servers.

Privacy Clarification with questions

If you look in the privacy statement of Visavid, there is under the section related to the product that data under "Maintaining the legitimate interests of us or third parties" can be processed – a subsequent example of legitimate interests is "Advertising and marketing". In another paragraph is explained: "The use of their personal data for advertising purposes can be contradicted at all times or for individual measures without the fact that other than the transfer costs arise after the basic rates." The country Bayern can have completed a special contract, with other conditions.

For regular users, there are also the reference to standard contract clauses in the privacy clarification, which serve as a basis for a possible data in accordance with third countries. Other companies invoke these. They rule the transmission with the same data protection standards. Whether this is given about the US and the EU is at least fragment.

"The AUCTORES GmbH specialized on online applications has been enforced with its videoconferencing visavid in an EU-wide, open procurement procedure."

In addition, ACTORES explains that registration for testaccounts has been disabled. This is expected from the 28.4.2021 again possible. Free accessible can be made available, but not in self-service.

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