Battery runtime: function for “accuracy” do not be switched off at m1 macs

Battery runtime: function for'akkugesundheit' bei m1-macs nicht abschaltbar'akkugesundheit' bei m1-macs nicht abschaltbar

Users of the new Arm Macs have noticed that they can not access an important function for battery management: the "Battery Health Management" Leave on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M1-chip now no longer switch off, it is actively active. This comes from a freshly updated support document, which Macrumors discovered. In contrast to the variant for Intel-Macs, there is a lack of note that the feature is disabled. Sales with information on this topic has been completely deleted.

On arm Macs itself, this can be understood if you in the system settings the area for "Accuracy" Call under battery. If you click here, an overlay appears with information on the current battery status (if it had to be exchanged, this is to be read here) and the current maximum capacity. There is no hook to swap the management function for battery health as in Intel Macs.

Charging pattern monitoring

Apple had the feature on the Mac for the first time with Macos Catalina 10.15.5 introduced. Actually, it is very useful: according to Apple Lademuster as well as the basic state of the battery, the system does not fully do not fully help to prevent early chemical aging. This happens, for example, if a mobile Mac is operated mainly on electricity – then it is no longer fully charged on request, but z.B. only up to 80 percent. The function works automatically.

On Intel Macs, this battery status management can be disabled as mentioned. This can be meaningful: because based on the collected quantities "Can reduce battery condition management in this mode to maximize a battery", So Apple. This is what "as needed to make sure your battery is charged to a level that is optimized for your use". If necessary, you do not get the full performance. "If you are most important to your Mac notebook before charging as long as possible, you can deactivate the function", So apple lapidar. This does not work on M1 Macs anymore.

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