Austria: short service between string protection and ovp

Austria: Short service between string protection and OVP

The Osterreichische Bundesamt for penetration protection and terrorism evaporation (BVT) in the racing boxes. Photo: Tokfo. License: Public Domain.

In the BVT Investigation Committee, the former Minister of Interior Wolfgang Sobotka intervenes that information was passed on, but denies a campaign purpose

The Easter-rich domestic intelligence service, the Federal Office for Festival Protection and Terrorism Proposition (BVT), was from its basic 2002 to the Office of Herbert Kickl 2017 under the supervision of OVP interior ministers. The ratio between it and the People’s Party is currently the subject of a committee of inquiry, before all former OVP interior ministers had to statements.

Yesterday was Parliament Thrasside Wolfgang Sobotka in turn – except for Johanna Mikl-Leitner the last of them. His statement was therefore expected by Easter-Rich media with particular tension, because he had commissioned a report last year, on which the FPO published when she was on 22. Marz 2018 at short notice to access your consent to the convening of the inquiry committee. One more important reason was that in his term of office an e-mail from July 2017 falls in which the BVT lawyer K. around "Funf points for the election program" ask.

Only "Improvement suggestion for security policy legislatives"

K. Said later, it was not a voting program despite their choice of words, but about "Problem areas in the Easter-Rich legal system" went. Also BVT boss Peter Grindling had announced questions about this e-mail, his office has only "Improvement in security policy legislation" made. This illustration joined Sobotka. "If it should go to a voting program", so the former interior minister, then goods an information request "unattainable". But this was not the case here because in the 2017 election program of the OVP no corresponding points were found.

The order for request originates his details according to him, but must have come from a cabinet employee. In everyday life, it will give one one "Intensive communication exchange", if it "should go fast". The find also between Cabinet staff and physical workers. That had previously shown Grindling so that "Direct access" the government complained to his employees. Questions of the now-deputies Alma Zadic after a serviceable instruction for this practice honored Sobotka that it is about "Conversations" and "Projects" Go where the cabinet staff for the "political work" above "Necessity" be informed.

"No perception"

Grindling, who was already talking to the committee for the third time and answer, had no longer had Zadic on Monday at a last week to the public SMS of the former BVT espionage chief P. Asked at the OVP federal transport Alexander Melchior. In this SMS, the meanwhile directed espionage chief had asked the OVP federal federal fuel in 2015 if he has time again because it "New movies" giving. From that, so Grindling, he "No perception". He was merely the very good networking P.s known in the OVP. He did not know that the employee counteracted party contacts.

The Munchner Detectiveei, the "Strache trap" has submitted to the current statement of knowledge (cf. "Piefke Collusion"), Gridling does not know his own information. Why she drove the Easter Rich Ministry of Interior and the Easter-Rich Federal Criminal Police Office as a customer, he is allegedly veiled. Expays that employees of his authority (two years later formed) "Ibiza video" Before its partial publication by German media, Grindling also did not want. Notes that BVT employees at the "Strache trap" However, he could not have been involved in travel or other billing documents.

According to his own words, the Easter-rich penetration protection chief also knew before recently nothing more about two secret projects in his authority, which called Herbert Kickl’s Ministry of Interior of Ministry of Interior Ministry. Only now is it known that it is in one of them "Training for informational procurera" and in the other around the "Definition of analysis work in state protection" went. If John Le Carre has had to come up with two conspicuous inaccessible household luck for completely different tasks, he could name them similarly.

The suspicion that the FPO man Goldgruber should actually do something completely different, Grindling could therefore not entirely. Nor did that succeed the former working group employee Major Mario F., who deliberately proclaimed by several sick messages and expressly forced (non-) statement before the Inquiry Committee, again and again on secrecy obligations.

Ex-spy call P., The Inquiry Committee yesterday also responded, his SMS to Melchior did not relate to stressful material over the FPO. The somewhat advisable question of the Spo-Deputy Kai Jan Krainer, whether it was a warning of Sebastian short, "to avoid certain places", he did not want to answer.

After the survey, the representatives of now, Neos and FPOs were according to the ORF agree, "that you were took on a black network". For whose head the now-deputy Peter Pilz the former Chancellor’s Minister Gernot Blumel (cf. "Digital mapping ban"To). "The traces", so mushroom, leading "All to him". Hans-Jorg Jenewein from the FPO therefore calls for a new committee of inquiry, which should continue the end of the old work of the old.

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