Art action against russian secret service fsb

Political artist Pawlenski put the entrance center of the secret service center in Moscow on fire and embedded the FSB

The Kremlin has an unpleasant opponent who pursues him like a ghost. The 29-year Pjotr Andrejewitsch Pawlenski from Saint Peterburg is an artist who criticizes the Russian government and society with grotesque actions, but at the same time set itself in scene. He is much single duty, but with his actions reaches rough media orientality, because the pictures are distributed viral. Now in the night from Sunday to Monday, he has set the entrance center of the secret service center of the FSB, successor of the KGB, on fire.

So far, his action was allowed to become the most famous when he naked in 2013 naked at the red place his scrotum with a hammer to protest against the apathy and political indifference. That was a vulnerability in the big style, which has been aware of the safety of safety farm brands and this was stated. Previously, he had already put his mouth in the protest against the arrest of the members of Pussy Riot members. At all, he protests as raw against the state power, as he dusts violence against themselves – to anticipate the violence of the state, who has difficulties to make the victim again to the victim? So he wrapped naked in a barbed wire or cut himself an ear lact.

Art Action against Russian Secret Service FSB

Pjotr Pawlenski in his action he could first export unsteady.

The investigator Pavel Yasman, the Pawlenski over several months, and discussed with him about the boundaries of art, found the performance artist obviously convincing. He rose in 2014 from his job with the police and became one of his support. Pawlenski said many people found him first, but were able to achieve another world view by his work. Irina Klementyeva, who wanted Yasman and wanted to introduce Pawlenski into a psychiatry, apparently retreated from the fall when he has his ear lapping section in an action. Now seats, so the Moscow Times, a group of seven investigators in the case.

Are the self-rusion rituals for the media now art or political criticism? Although a procedure was initiated against Hooliganism against the concept artist, but the Russian authorities have so far gamed to actually tough against the individual cheaper, which is above all quaint. He continues to provide how he can provoke the state and at the weekend in the night of Monday the entrance to the secret service FSB set with a benzine banister in flames. At 3 o’clock in the morning he was arrested and deposited, with him the journalists Vladimir Romensky of Dozhd TV and Nigina Beroeva.

From the video about the action.

The action is provocative, intelligence, once the escaped KGB, from which Prasident Putin comes from, is a symbol of power and an important part of the system. The fact that Pawlenski was able to score the door at the main building is already a flap for the secret service. You have to imagine a similar attack were carried out against the main building of the NSA or the BND. In the Russian media, the video is no longer visible, but on YouTube over the channel of Ukraine TV, where you often liked it. The journalists were released again and were only taken than witnesses.

Pawlensky, who against the "Eternal terror" of the secret service protested, was once again charged with vandalism and assessment of behavior. He should have said the judge, so the website Mediazone, that he wants to be charged with terrorism: "I think that’s the logic of your system. And until my claims are invited, I refuse to fulfill any of their judicial rituals."

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