Apple patent: combination of touch id and face id in the screen

Apple patent: Combination of Touch ID and Face ID in the screen

In the pandemic, Apple annoyed the owners of his current iPhones: the facial recognition Face ID did not work with mask. Although there are now a simplified unlock function for owners of an Apple Watch. But that works only in less sensitive areas. Owner of old or favorable iPhones with fingerprint sensor Touch ID were thus clearly in the advantage

Face and fingers, single or in combination

Clever would be there when Apple Touch ID and Face ID could easily combine. This could either show either (for example in the pandemic) or in cooperation to further increase the safety of the devices. That Apple is working on such an idea has been coloured for several years. Now the Group has been approved a patent application that suits such a project.

Screen captures pictures at the same time

The patent is about a special image sensor that is integrated directly on the screen instead of disconnecting it from the display, as it is used for iPhones so far. Of the "Electronic gate screen with built-in image of the image through the screen" not only has room to save space, but according to the application serve to read fingerprints, just like this is visually up-to-date in the home bull for example of the iPhone SE. Also conceivable goods to use this image sensor for other applications, including facial recognition (however, more components are missing, such as an infrared projector).

Is the picture quality sufficient?

A screen with integrated Face ID would also be interesting for Macs, which currently lacks the necessary true depth module. Apple plans to report the installation of the technology in the Mac in the coming years, but currently seems to be aware of problems – including the place as the MacBook screen Dunners are as an iPhone. So far, methods of achieving high image qualities through the screen, still at the beginning. In part, ultrasonic sensors are used to require fingerprint and no optical methods.

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