App store: reduced commission costs apple allegedly little

Apple’s development-friendly action to halve the app store commission to be paid for up to a million US dollars a year, is a good PR campaign. Really much to cost she does not seem to cost the group. This is at least from an investigation that has been performed by the well-known App Analysis Company Sensor Tower.

Apple does not call official numbers

Accordingly, it is expected that total turnover in the App Store shrinks by less than funf percent. From Aufen, the effects of reduction are clearly gross: small developers have to take part in the context of the "App Store Small Business Program" In the event of the invention of certain specifications, only 15 instead of 30 per cent of Apple numbers. This sentence falls regular for payment apps as well as in-app-sell plus in the first year at subscriptions (thereafter: 15 percent, if the user remains). The new bond order is valid since the 1. January.

How Sensor Tower has now calculated, Apple was so theoretically lost sales of around 600 million dollars in 2020. Only 2.7 percent of total sales have been 21.7 billion dollars of apps with app bonds. The reason: The apps that earn most of the money in the App Store will continue to pay 30 percent of Apple.

Small developers with rather low turnover

The numbers calculated by Sensor Tower go back to your own analyzes and apps received data, but not on Apple’s actual values that the Group secret attend. According to other analyzes, 98 percent of all developers allegedly earn less than a million dollars in the year with their apps. Sensor Tower continues to expect that the App Store has reached a total turnover of 72 billion dollars in 2020. Most money was earned in the categories entertainment and games.

Meanwhile, the trend for the reduction has also achieved Google. There small developers will also have to pay only 15 percent commission. However, the search giant is a bit friendlier than Apple: While you move out there with all messages immediately from the 15 percent emotion, as soon as sales rising on a certain limit, Google Play Store sellers at least for the first one Keep a million dollar sales always.

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