Antifa: how to proceed against an afd that establishes itself in parliament and society?

Antifa: How to proceed against an AFD that establishes itself in Parliament and Society?

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Now the missing population could become a strike and social fight for the problem

The legal national AfD is still a stucco to the right on her Hanoverian party congress. Thus, the Legal Conservative Berlin AfD Chairman Gerd Pazderski had no chance and Gauland offered itself as a gross some of the party. He has been valid for a long time as protege of the right-book.

The right-hand prere will continue as long as the party still has election. So far, you have not harmed the regular media scandalizations. It’s not about Bjorn squat, whose party exclusion is no longer the debate, even if the party congress has not dealt with. Only a few days ago became known that AFD politicians participate from the second series of right-wing forums in which open neonaciples are represented.

There was also the name of the name of the AFD state chairman of Schleswig Holstein, Doris of Sayn-Wittgenstein, which was nevertheless elected in the congress almost to the co-spokeswoman next to Muthen. The actual dispute within the AFD is also not held between right-wing extremists and less extreme legal conservatives, but between the one who made from the AFD a Volkical Movement and only want to enter into a government as a strongest force – they have become a short in Leipzig to the Compact Conference met in Leipzig, whose motto "Opposition is called resistance" was. In addition, there are the others who also want to move the political landscape to the right as a minority party with Union and FDP.

The two AfD members Petry and Pretzll, who has been elected the Bundestag election, are the most famous exponents of this RealOfraction. Pretzll is still a member of the ultra-legal party formation Europe of nations and freedom in the EU Parliament together with FPO and Front National. This makes it clear that it coincides in the dispute and is not about the demarcation to legal scenes.

The problems of the AFD opponents

Now it is not a pleasant situation for the opponents of the AFD if you want to prevent the party congress of a party that is strongest party in some federal stylish. This already makes a difference to the NPD, which just raised your Nazi aroma to clearly. The AFD, however, has meanwhile made it clear that one can be clouds and still win elections. Nevertheless, the covenant racism was not an alternative that mobilizes essentially against the AFD party congress, satisfied with the result:

"More than 7.000 people set a clear sign against the legal prere in Germany to the AFD federal party convention in Hannover. In their spontaneous actions, blockages and in the coarse demonstration, the anti-fascists and anti-fascists do not love attracted and brutal police deployment", wrote the bundnis spokesman Jan Sperling.

But for the Antifa movement, some questions will ask if the AFD succeeds in establishing themselves in the parliaments and more in the public discourses. That’s noticeable now.

If the protests against the planned retention of Siemens headquarters is also involved in the AFD and thus stabbed the approval for some of the staff, then this is a sign that a right protest culture is also established on the strain and even in some factories begins.

If one of foreclosure threatened Ulmer Family, whose fate the journalist Gabriele Gottle portrayed very moving in the taz, at the end of the "Asylum seekers" and "Foreigners" Put, then it becomes clear how deep the social terracist ideology into consciousness also the Poor People penetration. This is the success of the AFD and Pegida.


Is it supposed to make sense to create sympathy for the fight against the expulsion of a family that explains their social situation racist and only as a solution "less alignment" Increased, you could ask. And what was Ulrike Summer from the initiative "Racism is not an alternative" answer to? She has finally asked in an interview with the new Germany as to whether one should talk to rights, so answered:

"Talk", As is currently required by some, there is nothing for her?

No, that’s a fundamental error. Instead, we want to talk about you. Our arguments are not aimed at the convinced arsonists who articulate views and prejudices existing in the population. They are aimed at all who do not want to endure the racist, sexist propaganda of the AfD and have the feelings to watch their ascension helpless. We want to make it clear that the AfD does not get unworthnon with us.

Ulrike summer from "Bundis nationalism is not an alternative"

The political stomposition of the statement is completely correct. That the funds were present today by the state of production force, creating a situation worldwide, where no one has to starve and die of healable diseases is true. Only here is an important note: The capitalist profit society is a real barrier for the implementation of this idea. This outlore but is the following.

So the wrong impression is brought to start position simply at the will of politicians with the implementation of a global redistribution. Who, like Sarah Wagenknecht and Co., If a welfare state propagates in the national framework, is almost in -FD-near. The problem is primarily the fact that they can not think beyond capitalism and therefore do not want to have an idea of global emancipation beyond national reform programs.

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