An advertising campaign for the information society

The Federal Government wants with one "Communicative brand clip" and get an animated eagle all to the net

Almost poetically, how the German Federal Government wants to give the citizens of the country a jerk with regard to the internet. Even if the attraction of the dot.COMS has already graduated, now all the burger should not only use the Internet, but also to use new businesses and companies in the face of a possible bankruptcy wave or at least become an eCommerce consumer: ".com already, Germany!" Has the Press and Information Office to see for example for views, which expect us from Monday.

Fit for the 21. century. The goal of the Federal Chancellor is: Internet for all

Comment: The Eagle has lifted. Federal Chancellor Schroder has introduced a lustless 10-point program without visions.

Advertising is known today, known communication, and so "communicative" Will the Press and Information Office, such as government spokesman Uwe-Karsten Heye and the Minister of State Hans Martin Bury, have conceded on Friday, "the political focus set by Chancellor Gerhard Schroder and the Federal Government, the departure in the information society of the 21. Century to design."

"The Federal Government now starts a campaign for the prelude of a bundling and forcing the activities. Because we want to continue to contribute after the good start to play Germany in the Champions League of the information society at the front.

The 21. Century is the online century. And the Internet Job Machine and Growth Motor Nr. 1. Not only for the IT industry but for business and society as a whole." (Hans Martin Bury, Minister of State at the Federal Chancellor)

Quite a lot new is the government noticed, the like many others also each country on one "Top spot in the information age" wants to bring, finally the "Master plan" already fixed and have already been introduced some fails already. But because that may not have arrived in the wide population, which still sits in front of the TV and goes as normal, you have to worry about attention. the "Activation Wide population layers for use of the Internet" has something of a literacy campaign or even a revival movement, but it seems predominantly a problem of advertising to be the communication. You have to solemn the people that they do not just need what they should, but who earns the merit to send Germany to the way of the internet into gluck.

The global electronic information network is full of future opportunities we do not miss."

In the press release, this is called, you have to have the initiatives of bundling, what happens by a "Uplexed communicative brand clip established". That’s what you call "Branding", What simply rejoices that you create a name that implies and everything that is located, with appropriate associations. The brand clip is with the slogan "Germany writes .de" Someworthy, and should probably suggest – communicative, it sees that this location has networked with all determination.

And because you’re opened the internet, you have in the "Brand clip" still a "Word mark" Hidden – you see, there were real communication professionals at the factory – which one has extra "develop". By doing .de from "Germany writes .de" should namely "Germany renew" be included. This word mark reflects, explains the press and information office, the "Claim of the Federal Government to mobilize the ordinary and innovative force in Germany". A mobilization so the government is striving for, just asks what is when everyone is really on the net – and despite all the innovative power, many of the problems will remain and new ones.

the "Motif" the ads, which will be invested by the government, should tell how the experts from the Office for Propaganda, "each linguistically with the terms in the fields of computer and internet" work. That already indicates that one would like to stay with the awakening and thus only wants to emanate the positive at the information society. Symbolic politics, a policy of advertising, ultimately only the general slogan "All and all on the net" rich instead of setting a difference that shows how to design the networked knowledge and information society. Who only "Creation of new jobs" promises, people will not convince you who lose their jobs. And whether more workplaces will arise in the long term, as lost, will only turn out.

So that everyone can see that Germany was at least partially renewed, the communication experts have also passed on to the state symbol of the German Adler. Whether the state or Germany is meant, in any case, the eagle – for the unfortunately no cute name was found – from now no longer awe-proof, but simply sympathetic – what he is when he becomes animated mascot. Maybe he flies around in the German Bundestag, if the deputies in the argumentative discourse survive, rather than just staring around as a picture of past times. Goods are also better for the cameras of the televisions, which are more important than the collective attention as the collective attention anyway than the colleagues, because then they always had something, which also moves television and already strikes the only one.

"In the past, Germany was perceived as immovable. This time is over. The federal eagle gets wind under the fly. With the logo of the new information campaign he symbolizes dynamics, pace and freedom. And he is a sympathy carrier. And thus advertising for the opportunities and possibilities of the information and knowledge society. The campaign should awaken attention, interest and enthusiasm. According to the motto of the advertising motif ".com already Germany". (." (Hans Martin Bury, Minister of State at the Federal Chancellor)

In a "Pretest" Did one determine that the moving eagle one "High attention and remembrance value" owns – and one "High request character for using the Internet". Why a flying eagle just suggests the use of the internet, where mausea, viruses, worm and some crawls were also offered, we do not learn from the press release. Secret also remains why he "Believe, openness and sympathy" conveyed.

Really poetic but will, if you hate: "This eagle highlights clearly from the state symbol by lifting it." And then you can still know that he "Fly through the World Wide Web" target. We are curious what the press and information office will come up with. After all, the unprovably invaders are that they too will not escape the eagle, because it is threatened: "For the eagle, variable applications are also conceivable outside the Internet."

For more attention, the pop-up window seems to want to worry about the 2019/2000 executive report. The cliff between the generation of attention and that of Arger is very narrow …

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