Amnesty international raises torture for torture against turkish police

The intention is clear: it is about humiliation and the production of fear

Since the failed coup attempt in Turkey circulates pictures of prisoners in the net. They make people blob, which are painted or became. The intention of the deworthy pictures is clear: it’s about humiliation and the production of fear. People in Turkey will take care of what they want to say exactly. The pictures are seen in Turkey. The Turkish media does not save with intelligence material, so the allegation to take a report by Amnesty International.

Some pictures show, for example, bridges together except for the underwear undressed manner with the joke connected to the jaw or a general, which is presented with traces of prugles or beats. According to reports that the human rights organization received Amnesty International, the examples mentioned are only a relatively harmless section of the increasing situations, which are delivered after the coup attempt.

According to the youngest information of the Turkish President Erdogan are currently 13.165 people due to the coup attempt: detained:

8th.838 are soldiers. 2.101 are judges and prosecutors. 1.485 are policemen, 52 are representatives of municipalities and 689 are civilians.

If, according to Amnesty International has gathered in a report, it becomes flopped that many arrested Ubels are treated. AI rises torture for the Turkish police.

In talks with lawsolds, doctors and an employee of a prisoneranstalt – all of the underlying witnesses – the human rights organization has learned that the Turkish police in Ankara and Istanbul prisoners for up to 48 hours forces painful positions that they will be deprived of water and food as well as medical care. The prisoners have to leave worst insults fell, threats, in the ubolst traps they are rugged, tortured and raped with stallions.

What you have learned is just a section, commented on the head of the European branch of AI, John Dalhuisen. The organization speaks of credited detection for treatment methods of detainees who are obviously violating human rights. An accurate checking of the situation through independent observers should be accessed, which should be given access to all facilities in which the after the coup attempt are detained.

The permission was not allowed to be easily obtained, at least not in the next time. The Turkish government will not let go of the cards here. Government representative deny the premieges.

As particularly as a bad, AI lifts detention centers in Ankara. In the sports hall of the police headquarters 650 to 800 soldiers should be caught. 300 have traces of prugles after the sources referring to the human rights organization relies on, from bruises to visible bone breaks, 40 were so severely mistreated that they can no longer go. Describes a conversation, in which prison guards can tell that they do not care if a prisoner survives.

Medical treatment of abused is not provided for the descriptions passing on AI. Lawyers are not allowed, as little calls, the families know in many cases, where their owners are, whether they are still living above. That involves the fact of the carryover, the report.

AI-Europa boss John Dalhuisen poses the government’s silence, while frightening pictures and videos of torture were shipped throughout the country, the government says nothing about it. That’s the way, Dalhuisen, is synonymous with a consent.

Due to the newly adopted decree (see link to 48925) As a result of the state of emergency, the police were opened further opportunities for Willkur and Torture. So that people can be held up to 30 days prisoner before they have to be presented to a judge. Previously, the deadline was two days. After the mass of judges, one can ame that there is no independent jurisdiction.

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