American congress demands explanation about echelon

The report of the intelligence services should be primarily on non-secret material

At the age of the Republican Congressman Bob Barr, who relies on the STOA reports to the European Parliament and other reports of the Echelon globally operated by the NSA, the American Congress approved the addition to the Intelligence Authorization Act for the financial year 2000. As a result, NSA, CIA and the Ministry of Defense are obliged to present a report on the statutory foundations within 60 days of the Congress, which play a role in the dependent of communication, as far as American burgers are concerned.

This liability for reporting was concluded after the NSA had already refused at the beginning of the year to provide the Committee of Intelligence of Congress insight into documents via the Echelon program. Barr deserted in a press declaration that when there was Echelon so as described in the reports, all Americans should be alerted, which want to maintain the catching: "When American intelligence services of our burgers without judicial decisions or legal authority depend on, receive or disseminate, then do not move within the framework."

The Congress has taken a first step with the adoption of the addition, so that the secret services prove that their actions do not hurt the emergence. However, Barr recommends the secret services as far as it is not possible to noise on secret documents, because the report should be published to reare American publicity: "Since more and more Americans are worried about the protection of their privacy, the insurance companies that can only give a published report are crucial." Barr calls on the intelligence services to understand the report as an important opportunity to preserve the public support necessary for their work.

Officially confirmed by the American intelligence services the existence of the Echelon Lauschschallen System has still not. It should be set up in the context of the so-called UKUSA agreement between the US and Great Britain, whose content is not known.However, the director of the Australian secret service had already broken this silence. As is known, Echelon, which is primarily directed to non-military goals, is also to serve the economic pione, under the participation of the intelligence services of Great Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand under the direction of the NSA, which views all the information in Fort Meade, Maryland. A dependence station used for Echelon should be the NSA-Stutzpunkt in Bad Aibling, sad by Munchen and in the immediate vicinity of the BND.

Allegedly, the Echelon system worldwide starts on satellites (telephone, fax and emails) and filters them through powerful programs due to a word book after certain key terms. For the Jam Echelon Day, which took place last month, critics have called up to overload the filter mechanisms by the mass execution of alleged key figures sent in emails. However, it is amed that intelligence programs are not hindered by such actions.

Whether over the requested report, however, great clarity of Echelon will arise, may be doubted. Requires only enemy on the legal basics and arrangements for the protection of the American burger.

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