Amazon let companies build their own assistants on alexa-based

Amazon presents the technology behind its Alexa software for language assistants of other providers. First customer is the car maker Fiat-Chrysler, who developed its own assistant software for its vehicles on Alexa based, as Amazon announced on Friday. The partners can specify other alarm words, votes and additional functions in their language assistants.

The possibility of making the coarse part of the developmental work of Amazon and at the same time performing with the users with their own language assistant could not only be interesting for car manufacturers, but also for manufacturers of households or consumer electronics.

Assistant coexistence

So far, Amazon offered most of all the possibility to integrate Alexa in theores of other providers. This strategy also pursues Google in its competing assistant. Apple, however, integrates his language assistant Siri only into their own devices.

Amazon wants to give up no floor at the new offer: the own assistant of the brands should coexist and work together on the advised Alexa. So users got both a language assistant tailored to the products of the providers, as well as access to the usual functions, won it for reasonsion.

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