Amazon: alexa soap dispenser costs $55

Amazon: alexa soap dispenser costs $55

Amazon helps with hand washing: An Alexa-compatible soap dispenser will use ten LEDs to pay down the usual recommended 20 seconds for hand washing. Thanks to a built-in sensor, Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser churns out soap when you approach your hand.

The closer you move your fingers to the Duse, the more soap Amazon’s gadget spits out. Otherwise, the gadget is largely unsmart: it has neither microphone nor speaker integrated. The gadget gets a few more functions when it is connected to an Alexa smart speaker via WLAN (2.4 GHz, 802.11b.

Then the paired speaker can play songs or tell jokes that take exactly 20 seconds to wash your hands, among other things. Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser is battery-powered, so it doesn’t have to stay permanently plugged in. According to Amazon, one battery charge lasts three months.

Germany launch open

The Amazon soap dispenser itself is also splash-proof and, according to the manufacturer, can be cleaned under the tap. The refillable hygiene revolution costs $55 in the U.S., and the Smart Soap Dispenser can also be purchased in a bundle with soaps. The soap dispenser is currently not available in Germany – it is not known if and when it will be launched in this country.

Meanwhile, Amazon is working to make its smart home devices more connected and compatible with other manufacturers’ devices. For this purpose, the Alexa devices are to be made compatible with the smart home standard Matter via an update, announced Amazon at its developer conference Alexa Live 2021. In addition to Amazon, Google, Apple, Ikea, Samsung and Signify (Philips Hue) are among those participating in the Matter standard.

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