Amalgam from tranquility and denial of climate heat

Amalgam from tranquility and denial of climate heat

Climate projection. Image: NASA

A Norwegian study has confirmed the finding of the United States where women conservative or right manners have this orientation

Scientifically accepted consensus is that there is an air conditioning, which has accelerated in recent decades, and that it has used with the industrial age and is caused by humans. Apart from representatives of certain companies, the fears of fear, lobbyists and associated politicians, there is also a layer of people in many countries, which does not want to know about it, denies this or see a consporation behind the assertion of anthropogenic climate warming with risky consequences. The phanomen of tickling dance on the volcano has always existed, now it seems more likely to do not have to do anything, but simply continue to be able to keep the lifestyle or the company or the capitalist economy.

It is the ore conservatives, the rights and nationalists who take a journey from the future and see the main problem in migration or foreigners, open borders, globalization or emancipation. With the stronger of the rights, which also fallen in the departure from the brugal press or the fake news media and also with science, is the movement of those who want to know nothing of crowd climate heat and as the AFD as "Irrelity" designate, significantly increased.

An American study has found that among the climate change people are the strongest group of women, attaching legal national ideologies with which they want to maintain their identity and position in society and against women and minorities. Having strong than other fear of descent. Swedish and Norwegian scientists have been studied, the study has been published in the magazine Environmental Sociology, whether this is only an American phenomenon or this attitude is found in the Northern European countries among the conservative manners.

Norway is particularly interesting here because the country differs politically and also environmentally polish from the US, but economically strongly based on exploitation of fossil energies. In order to compare Norway with the United States, conservative women were compared to manners in the US with manners born in Norway of Norwegian parents and emerging against tours. Immigrants have negative settings.

An online survey was evaluated on environmental ies from 2012 among adult Norwegians. This was still prior to gross immigration in 2015, which reinserted the rejection of immigrants and demanded the right and right-minded populist movements and parties, but according to the massacre of different Breivik, who with his act "Conservative revolution" accelerate or ignite. An advantage of the study is an attempt to evaluate the literature about the striking connection of right-wing populism with tranquility and disrupting the climate heat.

Among the conservative Norwegians, the connection of rejection of migrants with the skepticism opposite the anthropogenic climate heat, which the scientists "Denial Xenosceptic Cool Dudes" to name. However, Norwegians are barely denied that there is a climate heat at all. In addition, the skepticism is high in the media. Unlike the Americans, however, only a small minority claimed to know even with the conservatives, good about climate change.

Otherwise, in Norway like elsewhere, more manner than women are denying the climate warming, who also has a lower education, is more likely to find in the rejection camp. In the US, a connection between skepticism is seen against immigration and the protection of the dominant seen from immigration and the preservation of economic structures. In Norway, scientists are stronger a rejection of changes in social structures and desire to obtain the economy based on OL and gas.

The strong correlation between "Tranquil views and the denial of climate change" For conservative manners, the scientists are considered "A form of cognition for the protection of the identity" interpreted. This is accompanied by a trend to justify the existing system, which is not associated with identification with the social elites. This seems to characterize the new rights that the old ones "system"-Elites in politics and media, but also reject in science, but their skepticism is based on identitating resources, including the manual superiority, and afraid of the crash.

That’s why you like to look at uninterested truth aerials, which can also come from the elite (Trump, Sarrazin, Gaule etc.) And only claim to be different, while they reject openness for changing and new insights as well as the willingness to change their own behavior.

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