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It is one of these strangers ‘minds’ history, which act in retrospect as if there had been there "Something in the air" Located just waiting to be realized: In 1965, the American Ted Nelson invented the term "Hypertext". He meant texts that were no longer linear, but through "Left" internally networked. In 1967, the first edition of the "Grammatology", in the Derrida of "Text as tie" speaks through which the reader-as-with-author manovrises. And in 1969, the first computer connection between two universities was manufactured in California, from which the Internet should develop in the following years.

The WorldWideWeb, which today is a lot of exercise of the Internet, appears as realization of both Derriidas "Text as tie" as well as Ted Nelson "Hypertext". Especially with hypertext, a few years ago, high-flying hopes have been associated: if you wanted to believe some of the theorists of the new text style, then Hypertext was in software implemented postmodern theory: The reader becomes the user and with-author of a text tie, through which he manovals self-manadicated instead of being stated by the linear order of a traditional calculated payment. Literary experiments like Michael Joyce ‘ "Afternoon" or the Moo "Hypertext Hotel" From Robert Cover (unfortunately from the internet seemed to be disappeared) are two of the more famous, early examples of computer-mediated writing.

These literary experiments are history, but now the whole Internet has grown together to a gigantic hypertext, and will not be for nothing again and again with Borges "Library of Babel" compared. An unuseued practitioner of today’s internet-based hypertext of today is the American writer Mark America, the telepolis readers through his column "America online" be known (see content / column). Since 1993 he has been operating the Internet literature site Alt-X (first as a gopher site, now as a WWW offer), on the "The DIGERS meet the literat", As stands on the open page.

Under German-speaking literatics Mark America is far known so far. That was allowed to lie down that his novels "Sexual Blood" and "The Kafka Chronicles" so fully developed by the language and culture of the American media society, that they are practically not translated into German. Mark America itself has his novels as "Avant pop" designated.

By "ALT X" Has he made aware of this in German-led network culture circles. He is several times to festivals like the Berliner "Soft-modern" and the "Transmediale" as well as the "Ars Electronica" Invited to Linz and movie + Arc to Graz. At the moment he is on a reading tour of Australia, where he his new project "Grammatron" introduces a specifically designed for the worldwideweb hypertext, which consists not only of text, but also (moved) images and sound integrated.

It’s as good as impossible, a hypertext calculation like "Grammatron" be summarized. You might be able to describe the outputside idea: since people giving people, illegal data (the so-called "Nanoscip") In the electrosphere. The grammatron, a kind of golem figure, is with the Nanoscript "coded" as the Golem was brought by the Prague Rabbi Loew by a snippet from the Thora to life.

The grammatron, the creature like the "Annual environment", sees itself as a kind of electronic shaft story. Navigating by the Hyermedia Labyrinth from text, pictures and music is an interesting, intellectual exercise, but whether the reader / user is drawn in the same way in the text as in traditional, linear literature remains questionable.

America itself sees his network texts as a logical consequence of his novels:

"My books have been referred to as anti-novels or hyperfictions right from the start, so as a payment, which break up conventional literary forms and expand the storytelles beyond the book. In a way, my mesh letter is therefore a continuation of my book. The crucial difference is, of course, I’ve been influenced by the media and had the task to loose how I should represent these media in my texts. Now I can involve the media in the story."

While "Gammatron" A customary reading adventure is the "ALT X"-Site an impressive collection of texts, interviews, essays and fiction, a kind of library without building. To date, the site is compiled and designed for the largest part of America itself. It is financed – apart from some small scholarships and donations – by the own contribution of all involved.

Our distributed Prasence as a network, our so-called "Network value", is worth more than money. One could consider that as a kind of preservation by whose exchange is better in the increasingly danger of being world of "Meat Politics" and digicash can survive.

Mark America

Auber electronic "Reprints" from outsurely novels like Raymond Federmans "The Voice in the Closet" or Ronald Sukenicks "OUT" find up "ALT X" Also interviews with approximately every author, which is something in American underground and avant-garde literature: Kathy Acker, Bret Easton Ellis, Paul Krassner, Douglas Coupland; Who grabs on the site, finds contributed by Matt Fuller, Michael Joyce, David Blair, Steward Home, R.U. Sirius, Terry Southern, the Critical Art Ensemble, Pat Cadigan, Lev Manovich, Roy Ascott, Alex Galloway and John Perry Barlow. For the gland for traditions, most of these texts can also be printed.



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