Al qaeda process in madrid

The proof is invalid, a defendant has already been released

For a week in Madrid, an index process against Al Kaida was guided. It is the second procedure in connection with the striking on the 11th. September 2001. In part, the 24 defendants should have co-organized. In total, 200 will be.000 years imprisonment required. Whether the process goes out differently in Hamburg will show itself, because the evidence is also allowed here (Never Ending Story Al Qaeda). But the National Court of Justice, a special court likes to look through under subtleties when it comes to terrorist. Although the state investigation judge Baltasar Garzon is known for coarse lane charges, but they often lose in nothingness.

The process is not carried out in the actual building of the special court, because this is evidenced for months or years with processes against Basque organizations (Spain: again ban on Basque organizations), the Garzon "provisionally" banned. They have been waiting for a process (baskian newspaper and website closed) for seven years). Therefore, the process against Al Qaeda is celebrated into a converted trade fair pavilion in a park in the west of the capital. As in the National Court of Justice, the defendants are also sitting here in a kind of aquarium from bulletproof armored glass. Heavy armed policemen overwake with helicopters and track dogs The hermetically sealed bands.

The majority of 24 defendants love Garzon in the context of the "Operation date" at 13th. November 2001 arrested, two months after the kills in the USA. Another 17 he had liked to put on the park bench, including Osama Bin Laden. The main accusant is the IMAD Eddin Barakat born in Syria, who is considered a Spanish al-Qaeda boss. In addition, the Driss Chebli came from Morocco and the Ghasoub Al Abrash Ghayoun derived from Syria. The three are directly involved in the subsequent, so for them are imprisonment of more than 62 each.000 years demanded.

The prosecutor Pedro Rubira writes in the indictment: Barakat, Chebli and the still searched Amer El Azizi had supported the command, which the aircraft had steered the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. Concretely, Barakat and Chebli have prepared a meeting: "On 16 July 2001, the terrorists Mohammed Atta and the Ramzi Binalshibh and Mohamed Belfatmi accused in the absence met in Tarragona (Spain), which may have been subject to the Connection against the United States."

Already here falls up that the prosecutor’s office is not a woman. This process also depends on this process from the statements Binalshibhs, which is held in an unknown location captured by the USA. Belfatmi is supposed to be in Afghanistan. Since Binalshibh can not be interviewed, the previous procedures in Hamburg against Mounir El Motassadeq and Abdelghani Mzoudi (Motassadeq for the second) failed. The delivery of the Hamburg merchant Syrian descent Mamoun Darkazanli on Spain does not progress, which should actually sit on the dock (if you can not thores?To).

The attempt of the lawsal to leave the process failed was rejected by the Special Court. The Chairman of the General Court, Javier Gomez Bermúdez, refused to take into account on the attitude of the procedure. It was discussed in the verdict, he explained. Jacobo Teijelo, defender of Barakat, argued Spain no state of the process, because the US also has a procedure against Al Qaeda. In addition, there was anomalies in the evidence, because telephone calls of his client had been illegally secured.

For the interrogations, all defendants have not denied to do something with Al Qaeda. So also Barakat: "I was not a trail of the theories of Bin Laden. That’s why I have not met him, nor was I in Afghanistan to visit him", How the prosecution claims. The Koran also forbid it, "Women, children and helpless manners to kill and destroy their houses". The son of a Chechen mother defended that "Right of the Volker", oppose "To set attacks for weir". He therefore has "Bosnia, Chechenerren or Palastina" support, but no volunteers sent there how him is accused. The indictment has apparently difficult to teach evidence for your pre-yield. So she had to accuse the possession of newspaper articles and the legal buying of a book of the Palastian journalist Jamal Abdullatif Ismail over the TV channel Al-Jascan and Bin Laden.

Grotesk was also on the last meeting of this week on Wednesday. There were 30 minutes of an amateur film that has served on vacation for the first time a film camera. Blurred images of buildings in the US had turned the second main defendant Ghayoun at his visit 1997. In addition to the Twin Towers, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Wall Street, he also filmed the typical letters on the mountain slope of Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco or the Sears Tower in Chicago: typical material of a US round trip. That he continued to copy copies of it on the accused Mohamad Khair Al Saqqa to Al-Qaeda, as the prosecutor says he played. It did not submit proofs for promceeding.

Similarly, the only defendant Spaniard. The Yusuf Galan converted to Islam denied any connection to Al-Qaeda and condemned "Any form of terrorism". In the process, it turned out that he has a gun license for all weapons found for him because he is sport protection.

So far, it looks like one of the procedures, with which the investigator Garzon could effectively present itself in the public as a terrorist starding, which is not a substance on the day of truth. Already two years ago he had himself with the "Operation Lago" embarrassed. Shortly before the invasion of Iraq, in January 2003 he wanted to lift an al-Qaeda cell, which was supposed to produce chemical weapons for a stop. In fact, one found at the 16 arrested "Islamists" laundry detergent. They were released freely and went as "Command Dixan" in the story. The then conservative government under Jose Maria Aznar had justified as evidence of alleged entanglements between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda. Always warned Aznar that Hussein could fall into the hands of terrorists. He also charged the Spanish participation in Iraq invasion (Spain on war course).

Outdoor Fub was already set on Monday the star reporter of the Arab TV station Al-Schasira. This was founded with the heartbreak of Taisir Aluni, but not even a deposit was made, no one is serious to condemn him for membership in a terrorist association at nine years imprisonment. He should also after the 11. September still had contact to bin Laden. He does not deny that anyway, he finally became an interview with this world famous (reporter under suspicion).

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