Akp wants akw

The Turkish government holds despite the earthquake hazard in the country and events in Japan in their negotiations with the TEPCO Group

In the field of Turkey, where the Eurasian, the African and the Arabian ground plate meet, there were numerous rough earthquakes in the past decades and centuries: 365 came with one of the most devastating antiquity in Antioch, today’s Antakya, after estimates of historians and Archaologists 40.000 people live, 458 were about twice as many and 526 up to a quarter of a million. 528, 565 and 588 followed further quevels with tens of thousands of dead. The city of Sagalassos in the near of today’s Antalya was completely destroyed in the spatants twice.

For the Middle Ages, especially intense earthquakes, among other things, are present in Adana, Bitlis and Erzurum, for the modern times in Central Anatolia, the Agaiskuste, in the southeast and in the European part of today’s Turkey. Often, such as the quakes of 28. April 1903, from 9. August 1912, from 3. October 1914, from 26. November 1943, from 1. February 1944, from 31. May 1946, from 6. September 1975 and 24. November 1976, not only individual villages, but equal to whole landscapes. But even if the preres were relatively limited, such as those on the 13th. Marz 1992 in Erzincan or on the 17th. August 1999 in Golcuk, they have nevertheless directed devastating destruction. Lastly, the earth in Turkey on the 8. Marz 2010 at Karakocan, where 512 people were moved.

AKP wants akw

Graphic: United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Despite this well-known danger, the Turkish Government-based Turkish government wants to build nuclear power plants ied by the religious adalet. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz explained this week that the events in Japan did not affect the establishment of the planned reactors in 1998 from an earthquake of strong 6.3 taked battery and in Sinop on the Black Sea. Because in Turkey, the AKP politician, there is no tsunamis, but only one "Informal flooding" – What historically is incorrect.

Yildiz tried the media with the reference to calm that Fukushima I was 40 years old and in the two planned nuclear power plants "Only state-of-the-art reactors" be used. You wob "to teach" however, they were not limited to the construction of the construction. In addition to speeches with Russian, French and Korean companies, negotiations with the Japanese TEPCO Group, which provided the catastrophic power plant in Fukushima operation and in the past, among other things by folded reports for headlines.

Not all Turks are the opinion of your energy interior: The engineering chamber TMMOB even demanded him for the jerkiness for his exercises. The specialist association mainly criticized the Batteryu project, in its immediate near the ECEMIS earthquake column. A specialist reported to the location 38 years ago – one of the three authors, Tolga Yarman, but now did not explain that at that time it did not know anything about this earthquake column, which is why he holds the authorization of the power plant for disproportionate.

Also, the countries surrounding the turkey numbers to the earthquake detection of the earth. Especially Iran has a more negative historical balance. Nevertheless, the local government also builds on nuclear power: the first commercial reactor Bushehr should go there again this year.

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