Ajatollah chamenei calls for the armament of the west bank

The Supreme Spiritual Fuhrer Iran does not respond to a letter Obamas, but suggests a plan to eliminate Israel

US Prassident Obama should recently written a letter to Ajatollah Chamenei, the Supreme Iranian Fuhrer, and this cooperation in the fight against the "Islamic state" offer. As a condition, Obama should have a deflecting Tehran in the talks about the Iranian nuclear program. On the 24th.11. Run a deadline for a permanent agreement. Chameini obviously did not answer the letter, he has not yet become an overall letter from Obama.

The Supreme Spiritual Fuhrer uses the clashes in Israel and the West Bank to call violence against Israel. The Israeli soldiers were in the West Bank "Hauser and Bauerhofs destroyed, humble, humming, water and electricity caps and their children and teenagers". Israel is not ready for peace: "They did not even tolerate Arafat who cooperated with them, and poisoning him", such a tweet. That "regime" in Israel "Barbarian, Wolfsahlich and Infanticide". It is all crimes, there are no other possibility to destroy or smash when Israel (Anniilate).

You do not stop going out, so chameni that Israel was backed up when there are no missiles in Gaza. "Look at your crimes in the West Bank, where there is no weapons", he explains. Here people only had stones and few weapons. Although he does not want to delete Ahmadinejad Israel from the map as at the time and also ignites no war of the Islamic states, including "Massacre at the Judian population" He does not want to carry out, with the United Nations he does not expect, but he plads for an armament of the Palastians: "Friends of Palastinas should do everything to arm the West Bank."

Ajatollah Chamenei calls for the armament of the West Bank

Chameini explained this when answering nine questions why Israel should be eliminated and how this can happen. His plan is, as he or one of his employees on Chameneinis Twitter account wrote a folk decision, to which all "original" Residents, so Muslims, Christians and Jews, wherever they are Mogene, can participate. He has that "International Communities" as "Practical and logical solution" proposed. Not participate "Naturally" All Judian immigrants who "surprised" were, in "Palestine" migrate. From this referendum somehow a government was created, which then decides whether the immigrated Jews remain can be grown or go. Because this one "Fair and logical plan" was, the world substitute was understanding him and all "independent governments and states" agree with him. the "Zionists" If the probably did not simply agree, so the other governments had to turn on.

Before this referendum comes about, the probably Chameini does not believe in seriously, musise against the "Morderful and children totende regimes" be removed from armed resistance. Peace is now just one "Trick for more crimes and occupations".

Each palace with a car is a potential terrorist

After the attack of Palastians with a car in the West Bank on three Israeli soldiers last Wednesday, Israel wants to build barridades such as bus stops in the West Bank Barricades, where such attacks with a vehicle can be easily carried out on waiting people. The attacks had gone up lately, so the Israeli army. The reason for this is that they were easily and without any preparation spontaneously.

For Hauptmann Irad Hersshkowitz from the Samaria Territorial Brigade is visible to the trend towards attackers, which trade alone: "Today, every palace, which owns a car, becomes a possible terrorist."

Mahmoud Abbas expert on Saturday to ask the UN Security Council on a resolution on Saturday, in which the 1967 of Israel-occupied territories to the Palastian State are considered to be obedited. In addition, a deadline should be decided until Israel has to be backed up from the occupied territories.

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