Aids in china

The Chinese government is trying in openness and pravention

The kingdom of the center had to be a lot of premiere in the past because of its AIDS policy. The international community threw the government, and above all, they remedy in concealment and cover up. HIV-positive Chinese had to expect massive discrimination and exclusion. Now the Chinese state enters a pravention and test offensive, new laws should protect the AIDS patients and secure them support.

China is not straight for its openness and its burger rights. The first AIDS case was officially reported in 1985, but it took almost twenty years until the People’s Republic started talking openly about the AIDS problem in the countryside and not to do so as it is ACQUIRED REMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME A problem of sifting population of capitalist states. In between, there was a still unknown number of new infections and, above all, the blood donation scandal in the 90s (village of the damned – blood donations bring place in China first prosperity and then death experts burraged millions of affected). The village Wenlou in Henan province brought it internationally to sadly famous as one of the places in the middle of the huge rich, where a coarse part of the inhabitants the Human Immunodeficience Virus (HIV).

AIDS in China

A social worker consulting an HIV positive person

Human rights organizations complained about the years and again the abduction (AIDS in China: Epidemie of secrecy and vacuum), foreign journalists were systematically obstructed by the police and the agencies in their research work (China: AIDS threatens the giant rich) and the problem was under the carpet swept. Functional and Bloodhandler had properly enriched at the profitable sale of the very special juice, the deadly consequences for those affected have long been denied and refurbished by violence.

This was only changed in 2004 as the Chinese government decided to take the fight against HIV for massive international prere (AIDS: China’s gigantic threat). Conceptions of the United Nations and the Chinese Ministry of Health went out at this time that approximately 840.000 HIV-infected in the People’s Republic lived, of which at 80.000 The disease has already broken out. Some experts held these figures for heavily understood and warned that without a suitable policy by 2010 up to 10 million infected Chinese could be the consequence.

An AIDS activist in China

The unaids report of unaids over the global AIDS situation (report on the global AIDS epidemic) currently calls the number of 650 really occupied for the first time.000 HIV-positive in China, with almost half (44 percent) recruited from drug users.

However, UNAIDS also warns that HIV has long left the so-called risk groups and spreads in the Far East under the broad population. An indication of this is the rapid number of infected women. In 2002, only 25 percent of HIV newly infected female were, most recently there were 39 percent.

In the current ie of the science magazine Science, Zunyou Wu, director of the center for prevention and control of AIDS and sexual diseases from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing and colleagues also from the US under the title HIV Testing in China overview of the current Programs and laws in the People’s Republic. In the end of 2005, they call the Chinese authority, confirmed numbers of 141.241 HIV-positive, of which 32.263 AIDS Sick.

AIDS in China

Students participate in a declaration and pravention course

The small number of patients in public programs illustrates that in the middle of the middle most HIV-infected none of their status know, whereby they are neither appreciable nor therapy. In addition, they dangerous other because they have no idea that they are through risk behavior (eg. B. The waiver of Safer-Sex practices) possibly other infect.

A new national program has now been initiated in China, which is mainly due to voluntary testing and advice. Risk groups are to be addressed directly and to be included with a flat-end. Municipal medical staff is intended to address and invite the persons concerned to be affected. In addition, broad testations are finally in the context of routine health checks Z. B. carried out by blood donors, medical staff or imprisonment in prison. The whole thing is accompanied by a marketing campaign, which should break down and at the same time breaking out prejudices. Corresponding slogans are brought to posters and banners, in newspaper advertisements and television spots, public letters, by personal use of prominent and in the context of community activities under Volk.

China also started around two years ago the "Four Frees and One Care" program, which is intended for a low-threshold and free health care in terms of HIV / AIDS especially the low-income. This is a free therapy including drugs for the rival population and for those city dwellers who have no health insurance. In addition, free tests and advice, as well as special support for expectant mother to avoid infection of newborns, and not least the adoption of school fees for children from families affected by HIV / AIDS. The Organization Unaids mentions in your current annual report of this program as a commendable and potential role model for other states.

AIDS in China

Chinese material for prav amtion programs, including condoms (Photo: unaids / p. Virot

Furthermore, other campaigns have been trying to combat the stigmatization and discrimination against HIV positives, which still generally prevails in the Middle Reich of the Middle. A new law (regulation on AIDS Treatment and Prevention, in force since 1. Marz 2006, cf. New Regulation Shows Greater Resolve in AIDS Control) has specifically set itself the goal of sanctioning the still transgressing of patients. It is forbidden to discriminate AIDS patients or HIV-infected medical care, in the labor market or in enrollment.

At all levels, employees of author should be trained specifically to be qualified for the fight against the further spread of the disease. Zunyou Wu formulated in an official statement very concretely, which is now in practice, so that the just awakened Dragon does not fall asleep again:

The new regulations must be achieved seriously after entry into force. The key question will be whether and how we actually implement the new regulations.

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