Agreement with digital eu covid certificate between the council and parliament

Agreement with digital EU Covid certificate between the Council and Parliament

As the European Parliament announced, there will be a common certificate in which it is confirmed that a person was vaccinated, they are recovered by an infection or a short-sized negative test result is present. This certificate is ied digitally or in paper form. Unity between the Council and Parliament prevails that a common EU framework is created, which allows the member states to ie certificates, which are then accepted in the other EU countries. This applies exclusively to vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Exceptions can appoint the member states themselves.

When recovering, the authenticity of the certificates or the electronic seal is considered. There are no personal data stored or processed in the destination masters, there will be no EU database. However, a list of places that process data is made public. This is funding that EU burger can perceive their rights according to the DSGVO. Why they have to process data, and what form of places it is not named in the notification of Parliament.

In addition, a financial support for affordable and accessory tests was decided. 100 million euros are to be available as an immediate aid instrument for the acquisition of tests, which in turn are supposed to help people who often cross borders – such as the work, school or to provide relief. Travel coatings must also be founded extensively and earlier.

Difficult work on the vaccination certificate

Working on a digital vaccination pass, in which such a certificate can be entered, have been running in the various EU countries for several months. Model is mostly Israel with the green passport. In Marz, parts of the tender were known for the digital vaccination certificate of the Federal Ministry of Health. It threw it that the solution "Interoperable with a solution at EU level" to be. The EU vaccination pass is reportedly not sufficient false-proof, as it is fed with the data from the yellow vaccination book. This is also not sure what is also showing itself on a well-known illegal distribution folded passe and sticker.

In Austria, a Gruner Pass velvet is in conversation in conversation, against which there are heavy data protection concerns. It seems to combine data on working life, income, unemployment, education and sick leave with the vaccination status, such as the daily newspaper The standard reported. This is what "For the purpose of epidemiological monitoring as well as the monitoring of the effectiveness". The intended pseudonymization is ineffective according to data protectioners in the light of the amount of data. There is also criticism on the durability of the ID card.

Also in Switzerland, the digital vaccination certificate has failed. There were significant privacy problems that do not fare. Everyone was able to register as a doctor and thus see the data of all captured persons. Also, it has been possible to manipulate the information stored there for the vaccine status.

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