Agile product management: 2. Product owner day goes to the start

Agile product management: 2. Product Owner Day goes to the start

On the 29th. April 2021 organize heise developer, dot.publisher and it-agile the next edition of the Product Owner Day. The online conference is addressed to product managers and Product Owner, who are already familiar with the basics of agile works and the associated roles. In the agile world it is about bringing products and customer needs together. Continuous checking and readjusting is upgrade.

How to Master Product Owner Challenges

The second edition of the Product Owner Day should provide answers to other challenges that make up the work of Product Owner and Product Manager:

  • Long-term planning
  • Team development
  • Roadmaps
  • User Research
  • The Product Owner in the company
  • Agile working in a non-agile environment

Until 8. April 2021 there are tickets for a hypocritical price of 149 euros (all prices plus. 19% VAT.), then 199 euros. Groups can book together favorable, information can be found on the website.

Program preview

Participants can deepen their insights in seven 45-min. A selection from the program:

  • When will we get ready? Why the answer is often heavy and what alternatives there are
  • Agile product roadmaps
  • Review of Momox
  • Create the Big Picture in the team: a report
  • Discuss product strategy with stakeholders
  • User Research Basics
  • Discussion with the speaker * inside
  • Fellow

Knowledge, Exchange, KamingSprach

Who participates, can ask for any lecture questions and check. Sven Gunther, Roman Pichler, Keimpe Wijma, Sabrina Mirror, Dennis Bosser and Markus Andrezak stand ready for a discussion journal for public questions, and there is a relaxed "Fellow". Opportunity for exchange is chat and directly in the bigbluebutton areas, which are integrated into the Venueless conference platform.

On the Website of the Product Owner Day, the entire program, further advising instructions and the current state of planning.

The Product Owner Day is a conference of BetterCode (), the new brand of Heise Developer and Dkunkt.Publisher under whose roof online conferences are performed.

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