Afghanistan, the next taliban emirate?

More security in the Taliban-controlled areas? The attack in Kabul and the early year-six "Secure country of origin"

The Federal Government welcomed her project, the jerking of escape to Afghanistan, once with one "Sufficient controllable security situation". In particular, the "urban centers sufficiently controllable by the Afghan government".

In addition, the government in your reply to a small request of the left-hand members Ulla Jelpke the threat to "Civil taxation in the areas under Militemem influence is the threat" As a smaller than Dear Administrative facilities, security organs, Western Stateburg, German and bonded troops, UN staff and members of aid organizations:

(…) Since the Taliban administration has repeatedly been credible and clearly instructed to avoid civilian victims and to protect civil infrastructure. Also sympathize or collaborate parts of the population with the militancy.

According to the police chief in Kabul, today’s attack in the capital 28 people, including "Most civilians", Costed life, over 300 people were injured. Statements from a Kabul Hospital, quoted by the Guardian, as well as a "Anonymous policemen from Kabul", Quoted from the mirror, in contrast, the most victims of the secret service are.

In a sensitive zone of the capital

According to a Reuters report, the Taliban declared the execution of the suicide attack on their website. Target is the "Division 10" of the secret service NDS. In another statement, speakers of Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, explained that the Taliban attackers have delivered a fire battle with the Afghan security for the explosion in the building.

The information about whether the department 10 – "REEASAT E 10" – Still officially led by the secret service nds or is now subject to the prasident palace, is not quite clear – the reports are not quite agreed.

Of this independent, it is clear to realize that an attack with a truck full of "Probably 100 kilo explosives in the center of Kabuls, so in a busy area, civilian dead under passers-by.

On the other hand, it is clear that a stop applies that one unit whose task is described as the protection of politicians and VIPs, the Taliban can strike at very sensitive and guarded places – in the near the stop site is the NATO headquarters of the Fruheren Mission Resolute Support and the US Embassy.

As far as the Berlin finding of the "Sufficient controllable security situation" especially in urban centers.

The explanation of the Fruh Year’s offensive

The explanation of the Taliban to the early year’s offensive can not be considered as a confirmation for this to treat Afghanistan as a secure country of origin. As can be found out of a more detailed commentary background report of the website Afghanistan Analyst Network, urban centers are considered as the target area of attacks. Even if you are as targeted totters – "Assassination of Enemy Commander in Urban Centers" – are presented, do not do anything good for the inhabitants.

Screenshot to explain Operation Omari

In fact, in the explanation of the suddians’ offensive (here in English), a sentence, which provides civilians protecting – to the price of submission under the Emirate:

During the period of the Operation Omari, the life and possession of residents of the territories, Dorfer and Cities, where the Islamic Emirate has established his dominion, mandatory.

Such instructures for the protection of civilians are not new, they were regularly emerging, many times before, without they had changed at the fact that civilians arrive regularly, sometimes specifically, so the analysis of the AAN.

Striking is the self-confidence, which shows in the Taliban explanation, as if one is standing shortly before taking the country, which is why it is worth it, as if "goodwill ruler" to portraculate the credo locals.

2015: the bloodiest year since 2009

According to the first quarter of 2016, there were more civilian victims than in the years before. The UNAMA Annual Report 2015 speaks from the bloodiest year since 2009 (3.545 Civil Tote).

Violence against civilians make access to schools and health facilities more and more difficult, such another UN report, which ies a duster image from the security situation in Afghanistan.

Report on the significant deterioration of the security situation in provincial heads, such as in Kunduz are easy to find.

On the other hand, US reports were played down the number of al-Qaeda members, recently reported the Long was journal. You would not want to admit this defeat, we caught as a fundamental.

Is asserted by the author Joscelyn that the Taliban work closely with the Qaeda, otherwise the Al-Qaeda did not have to hold there for so long. Al-Qaeda as a funding for that that Afghanistan becomes a secure country of origin?

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