Afghanistan: “i regret to have put my children in this country”

Afghanistan:'ich bereue es, meine kinder in dieses land gesetzt zu haben'

Shamsullah in his bookstore. Image: e. Feroz

Fifty years "Enduring Freedom" is nothing good in Afghanistan

"I regret to have put my children in this country", says Shamsullah Printed. For twenty-three years he operates a book trade near the Kabul Bazaar. The business goes just sluggish. "In the best case, I sell a book per hour. But who is surprised by that? The majority of Afghanistan consists of illiterate", says the book handler. That’s how he emphasized, has not changed anything since the beginning of Western military use before fifth years.

"Like many other people, I had gross hopes at the beginning of the use, but everything was only worse", so the 53-year-old. Shamsullah complains about the bad security situation in the country. According to the United Nations Support Mission in Afghanistan (Unama), the number of civilian victims has reached a new highway since the beginning of payment in 2009. Accordingly, only in the half-year 2016 1.601 civilians totated as well as 3.565 others injured.

"Suicide proposal is only available since the Americans are here", Says Mohammad Zaman Murrish. "And Daesh too!", the 67-year-old handler adds. "Daesh" is the Arab acronym for the so-called Islamic state, whose cells have been active in Afghanistan since last year.

Of many experts and analysts, however, the IS is perceived as marginal phanners in Afghanistan. The sound continues to give the Afghan Taliban. The goal of the Western Militar Alliance, which was confessed in 2001, to be smashed, is now considered to be finalized. In the last few weeks and months, the extremists were able to record numerous successes for themselves – both in the provinces and within Kabul City, which is regularly hit by striking.

Also these days, especially in the northern Kunduz as well as in the sadial provinces Helmand and Urusgan fighter struggle instead. The uncomfortable question where the success of the uprising comes from, but hardly anyone.

Weak central government, brutal militias and drone massacre

"The Taliban are strong because the central government is weak", Says Mohammad Shafik, a commander of the Afghan border police. "Many people are not interested in their ideology, but for their money. They just pay better", So the commander. This, so stresses Shafik, is also one of the main, why many soldiers and policemen were running in the provinces to the Taliban.

However, there is also a different reason why many people in the Afghan provinces of sympathy develop for the extremists. One of them is about the reprisals of local militias, which often act in the sense of governmental warfare. "The brutality of various military groups against local population has massively increased in recent years. For the Taliban, the water is on the Muhlen. You can successfully propagate as a liberator", Means Waheed Mozhdah, a political analyst from Kabul.

In Kabul Spurt the Taliban Prasence, especially by joining. Last month, several bombing states took place, including the Ministry of Defense. For many people in Kabul is the reason enough to flee. "Whenever I leave the house, I’m not sure if I will return. Always plagues me the thought of being torn from the next bomb and never see my mother again", says the 27-year ajmal. How many other young Afghans does he want to flee with his family. Your goal is Turkey, where relatives already wait.

That the Taliban has numerous supports is for Ajmal and many other people in Kabul, however, is comprehensible. "Our government is guilt. It is simply from scratch and has no control. In addition, the role of Pakistan", says Ajmal. Pakistan has been accused of years to support the Afghan Taliban.

The Americans also play an escalating role on HinduKusch. At least 8.400 US soldiers are stationed at Afghanistan at the time. Last month, the wife rally on, 1.400 more soldiers want to send into the country. Last week, a drone attack in the province of Nangarhar was at least fun fauceto civilians. While the attack was confirmed by the UN, the Afghan government not only remains silent. It insists on how often in the past that only militant campers have become aim.

That the Taliban can use such attacks instrumentalization is obvious for many Afghans. "Such attacks drive people into the hands of the Taliban – and unfortunately they continue to take place", says about Nazar Mohammad Motmaen, a political analyst and publicist from Kabul.

Errrengsdeal with the EU

Both the West and the Kabuler Government of Prasident Ashraf Ghani and head of government Abdullah Abdullah do little in these days against the escalation at HinduKusch. Instead, silence, displacement and germined companies dominate. On a so-called Gusteer Conference in Brussel, the International Community of Afghanistan has ared further funfteen billions for the next four years a few days ago.

At the same time, the Afghan government signed an escape agreement with the EU, which should guarantee the deportation of tens of thousands of Afghans. For the deported escape, then a separate flight terminal in Kabul should be created. The procedure, which in the media as "agreement" However, it can be described with good right also simply.

It is an Erpreng, not only the EU, but also the rich, corrupt political elite of Afghanistan benefit. This wants to keep your status and acquire your money at any price. At the same time, those responsible know that their country is not safe. The families of numerous Afghan politicians, even those of the prassident and the head of government, have long been living abroad.

The conclusion after five years of war at Hindukusch is therefore not only more violence and poverty, but also the complete ignorance of the community, to see this in any way.

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