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The controversies at over the top management. With the experienced Jeff Jones a manager walking in which many threads were collected. And he shows himself bitter what he has seen and seen and experienced ".

The turbulence at the driving service intermediary over distributing a hopestracker from the lead days: the number two behind boss Travis Kalanick leaves the company after less than a year. The top manager Jeff Jones, who was established on the post of a prasident, among other things for the brand image, the relationships to drivers and the development of cargo services, showed himself aware of the departure. "It is clear that the convictions and approaches that my career have determined are not compatible with what I saw and experienced at Uber," Jones explained the tech blog Recovery On Spade Sunday.

Jeff Jones came to the controversial vehicle service mediator of the US Giant Giant Target, where he was marketing chief. He was considered the experienced man in Uber’s top management. Kalanick tried in return, to indicate a connection between the departure of Jones and the current search for a right hand on a newly created business post. After this envision "Jeff came to the severe decision that he does not see his future at Uber," wrote the land and boss in one of the financial service Bloomberg published e-mail to the employees.

Last in the center of several controversies. The Google Sister Society Waymo raises the use of technology in a lawsuit that a former employee stole. A former software developer described a corporate culture tailored by women’s discrimination. And Kalanick came into criticism after a dispute recorded on video with a Uber driver. Then he relyed to look for a top manager for the day’s business because he still mature as a manager himself. the BBC reported on Monday, citing two informed sources at Uber, Kalanick Konnne can be backed up by the boss as soon as the new state-of-the-art operational business was found.

Kalanick is considered the driving force behind the global expansion of Uber – but also as a polarizing and aggressive manager. Meanwhile, at the end of the month with the chief of the card development and the Business Platform Brian McClendon still a top manager is left over. But he goes without Boses blood and wool into politics in his home Kansas, reported the New York Times. Since the beginning of the year, several profiled managers have already been gone, including product chef Ed Baker, Raffi Krikorian from the robotic car area and the top developer Amit Singhal, because of the allegation of sexual loading at his previous employer Google.

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