About: millions of additional payment to driver in new york

Over does not come to rest. After many negative headlines in the past few weeks, a million additional payment to driver in New York will now be fally. The company has systematically underpaid her.

For two and a half years, the proportion of his New York drivers at the fare has calculated incorrectly and now has to pay millions. The aggressive neoliberal driving service promoter did not bring its share of around 25 percent as agreed after deduction of all taxes, but by grossly, as the company on Spade Tuesday (23. May 17) Room. Per driver will be average 900 dollars fally, explained the for North America state-of-the-art manager Rachel brings the Wall Street Journal and the financial service Bloomberg.

The truck broker does not call a total, but as a union of independent riders ames that in New York around 50.If 000 people were asked for passengers, the bill could reach $ 45 million. A similar mistake all in Philadelphia alive and had to pay several million dollars. The problem has been discovered to the company when creating a more detailed billing for driver.

About a negative headline for the next. Already in January, the company told drivers 20 million dollars after the merchants of FTC accustomed to have exported the loss of earnings. After prompting a software developer, the company prompts profoundly trap of discrimination and sexism. Coarse and Chef Travis Kalanick had to promise to act in adult after the video of its heated discussion was published with a Uber driver.

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