A virtual nmd?

The plan of the Bush government for the protection of national infrastructure; The Handelsblatt says, the US government will put 50 billion dollars in a monitoring system

Last week, the last year was commissioned by the US Congress on the security of the state computer networks of Critical Infrastructure Arance Office (CIAO). Due to a directive of Clinton in 1998, a national plan should be drawn up, as the government together with the private sector can protect the national infrastructure from attacks. Although improvements have been achieved, but still a lot to do is the core statement of the report.

Actually, the report still had to pass on Bill Clinton to the Congress, for he went a week before he fell in love with the female house. Last week, Prasident George Bush has forwarded him and written in a companion letter to the state-of-the-style rules, that you want to further investigate the topic in due extensively: "The protection of critical infrastructure is an important topic for the US economy and national security, and it will take precedence for my government. We intend to examine the enclosed report and other crucial materials for our overview of the benefits of the Federal Government to protect the critical infrastructure."

The report emphasizes that it has made progress in the partnership between government and industry, resulting in important technologies. For most ministries, apart from the Ministry of Defense, but there was no possible opportunity to identify security swallowing and shock because there is still not enough information. That should now "Project Matrix" Depending on which the important systems should be identified. About this should be worked out how they can be danger and what was happening when attacked. Without the systems of militar and intelligence services, the CIAO has already 4000 protective vibrant in the report "Objects" stated.

Despite the promise of large tax cuts, Prasident Bush does not only want to expand the defense set with additional 14 billion dollars, but also creating a "e-government" and further demand the backup of computer infrastructure in the draft budget for 2002. However, only $ 10 million for the establishment of a ministerial e-government project is provided for by the General Services Administration (GSA). In the three years following years, the project should then be demanded with a total of $ 100 million.

Bush wants to create a government in which the burger stands. This should replace the present orientation on the ministries. Instead of having to ask for all ministries who have different information about a particular question, the burger should find everything in one place on the internet. The Internet promises, so bush that "The power of a handful of leading politicians in Washington on the individual burgers".

For the year 2002, however, an increase of 38 percent for the program to protect the critical infrastructure of the GSA. Already Clinton had planned for the protection of the infrastructure for the protection of the infrastructure for 2001. The newly established GSA, which will also operate the Federal Intrusion Detection Network (Fidnet) as part of the FedCircular Computer Incident Response Capability, has a budget of $ 15.40 million. However, 1.47 billion dollars, almost three quarters of all funds, to the army and the intelligence services (George W. Bush and the fear of Cyberterrorism).

Bill Bearden, the GSA spokesman, said that Bush’s budget increase is likely to send the FEDCIRC that the computer systems of ministries should protect against attacks. Fidnet should recognize every suspicious behavior outside as within the government firewalls, to recognize unauthorized intruders, but also suspicious behavior seemingly authorized Internet users. By using Artificial Intelligence software, this task is to become increasingly automated.

James Adams paid to the Handelsblatt, "Advisor to the secret service NSA" and therefore an expert that it is about one "Virtual NMD" acted, which should be built in addition to the rocket defense system favored by the Bush Government. "The project can be compared in its safety-relevant and financial dimension with the NMD", said Adams, though, however, the 38% increase in the budget provided so far were not completely sufficient. As the Handelsblatt wants to know, the virtual NMD should be completed by 2003 and cost a total of 50 billion dollars. However, this pretty unbelieved information is only from non-listed "Security Circles in Washington".

Fidnet was first accessible by the Clinton government (from FuDnet?) After a retirement tower had dropped, when the original intention was known in 1999, want to monitor all Internet traffic (US government plans a comprehensive monitoring system). Last year, then the Fidnet tarpaulin was taken out again, but imprisoned on the monitoring of government systems. The Burger Rights Organization Epic has also criticized this for the very enchanted version, because not only the internet behavior of all officials and employees, but also by Burgern will have been taken and so far made no arrangements have been made to prevent abuse (burger lawyers against Schnuffsystem in US government computers To).

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