A new sound

Munchen, 8. May 2014 – Volvo is currently working in its engine program. The charismatic funfzylinders are gradually sent to the old part – in favor of newly developed four-cylinders. For a small exit we have a S60 D4 available.

New sound

The new four-cylinder diesel with scarce two liters displacement is done in the D4 181 hp at 4250 / min and offers between 1750 and 2500 / min 400 nm. His resignation is similar to the numerous competitors: After a minimal delay, the D4 accelerates with proper Karacho, only above 3500 / min it will be a bit zoher. The well-coordinated eight gear automatic usually ensures, so that the machine has to work only rarely in this speed range. The performance is lens and subjectively always more than sufficient. Uberholmanover are dramatically done, even on the highway is enough force at any time.

The sound remains unspectacular and just compared to the process with FUF cylinders. The S60 D4 is not really quiet, although the automatic worship the four-cylinder on the state with around 1300 / min. Whether consumption in the NEFZ is trusting? With manual transmission, it should only be 3.7 liters, the process with 163 hp was given with 4.3 liters. With automatic, the difference is still gross: 4.1 to 4.8 liters in favor of the new machine. Our exit showed 5.8 liters according to on-board computer – not bad, but also no sensation. Colleagues, who are known for their heavy frou, came across seven liters.

A hardfall

The test car was equipped with the "R Design" package. This includes a few spoilers, 18-inch alloy wheels, sports suspension and seats. We urgently recommend interested parties to a vast test drive, because above all the suspension built here is a real hardfall. I had long in my own car yellow Koni steamer, who are not known for their compliance, but the Volvo in R-design trim is still a bit firmer. The tires in the format 235/40 R18 can therefore greatly contribute to the suspension with its low flankhohe.

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