A city wall for baghdad

The Iraqi capital could become the first fully included "Gated City" will

The location in Iraq looks out Duster. The US soldiers leave the country, politically is not progressing, it will continue to get the consequences of the election result, allawi and Maliki fucking around the power, a saving between Shiites and Sunnis slips as well as a stable, legitimate order in a long distance, While the violence has been increasing for some time again.

As Al-Dschasira reports, the Iraqian Ministry of Defense is now planning, which also the US militar liked to be practiced to pacify restlessly: allegedly one wants to build around the 5-6 million city a security wall to prevent it from uphill to get to the capital, which has become a goal again.

A city wall for Baghdad


The US militar had surrounded several bads like Falludscha, Valley Afar or Samarra with a wall to control people’s movement (the construction of the new city walls). In Baghdad, 3.5 m high walls and control points between neighborhoods were also built to exit violence. But that makes the trapped neighborhood too "gated communities" or caught quarter. A film refers to Baghdad as the city of walls.

The control bodies and the neighborhoods in Iraq were guarded, but also in other city through so-called awakening groups, ultimately by militias paid by the USA. This control by local groups, which, of course, cooked their own soups, has at times reduced the violence, but the establishment of a state order is not just demanded. The Schiitisch dominated government does not intend to continue this financing, so there is a risk that the now income-free manner will again adopt the Sunni resistance movement. As in Afghanistan, the connection to militant groups is less required by ideology or faith, but above all by unemployment, as resistance or terror groups as "employer" appear.

As General Qassim Atta said, the wall of concrete, erupted with surveillance cameras and other sensors, should prevent terrorists from entering the city. Meant, especially sunnitical traffic. In rural areas, instead of a wall are dug off. The new city wall should cause access only to 8 control bodies. Until 2011 Baghdad is to become one "Gated City" have become. Allegedly, then you want – model Schengen-room – the control stations on the walls in the city again pursue.

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