Yahoo clever gives no more answers

Yahoo clever gives no more answers

Yahoo schliebt seine Frage-Antwort-Community Yahoo Clever (auch bekannt als Yahoo Answers). On 4. May 2021 is the final end, of all days on the "Star Wars Day". The platform is one of the oldest offerings on the web and went online in 2006 after a beta phase. On the site, users (with Yahoo account) can ask any question and hope for answers. The answers can be rated, which in turn results in a list of best performers. In recent years, however, Yahoo Clever has become increasingly unpopular, Yahoo explained in a mail. The company made the decision to close due to the figures and the rather bleak outlook.

Data download possible

From the 20. April users will no longer be able to post new questions or publish answers – the site will be put into read-only mode. As of May, users will finally be redirected to Yahoo’s homepage. There are no effects on other Yahoo services. A help page explains how Clever users can download their data in JSON format – the deadline for this is 30 days after the release. June 2021. The archive contains all "question list, questions, answer list, answers and all images".

A user now logically asks: "Where do you meet after Clever?" Alternatives were for example Quora, Reddit or Gutefrage. However, Clever user Sophie has had enough, she wants to meet "nowhere" anywhere anymore, "goodbye." Yahoo itself recommends Yahoo Search to keep finding answers.

Yahoo’s decline

Yahoo has not been running smoothly for years, the former Internet pioneer is increasingly running out of breath. Rough takeovers didn’t lead to the hoped-for upswing: In 2013, Yahoo acquired the blogging platform Tumblr for a lot of money – and sold it again in 2019. It simply lacked clever ideas. A year ago, Yahoo turned 25, but there wasn’t much left to celebrate. Headlines in recent years have been made by various sales, security leaks and service closures.

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