Woody has done it to all?

New York Times publishes letter with allegations of Dylan Farrow, the stepdaughter Allens

Child abuse in prominent families is particularly difficult to clarify, the accused is at all times in the publicity, usually has money, fame and the associated power. If the divorced wife opens with the children against the world star and reveal details, they are easily revealed and envy as well as the desire for media attention.

Did Woody done it all?

Woody Allen in Cannes, 2011. Image: Bernard Boye / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The enthusiasts of Woody Allens Ex-Mrs. Mia Farrow are therefore attached even from scandal-seeking gossip blunts with lace fingers. In October 2013, Andrea Peyser described in New York Post Farrows in New York POST Farrows as an attempt to take revenge in Woody all who lives for years with their adopted daughter Soon-Yi. "They seem to be married by themselves", Peyser – for Hollywood and Upper West Side Relations noted a rare and therefore a partial compliment.

Now an Oxford graduate, double Pulitzer prize brief and columnist of the New York Times of the fortified case has adopted with the methods of a Snowden and Assange now in the city: in his column "On the ground" published Nicholas Kristof on 1. February 2014 An Open Letter from Farrows Adoptive Daughter Dylan Farrow.

The reason for the letter is the awarding of the Golden Globe to her adoptive father Woody Allen. Easy to the award of all for his life’s work on the 13th. January 2014 Twittered Ronan Farrow, the common son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow: "Have you shown the spot where a seven-year-old girl states that he has statted her, before and during he turned Annie Hall?"

This plays on a video owned by his mother, on which this statement is to Horen. Dishes in New York and Farrows Location in Connecticut did not held the divorce war for such a guidance that it had been sufficient for an indictment.

In his foreword to the now published letter Kristof knows this too. He knows that this letter could also mean completely without charge the social destruction of the world-famous director in his immediate neighborhood around the Central Park, where the couple is invited to Allen / Soon Yi at Party by Ben Affleck and as part of the New York cultural society like the Guggenheim and Allens beloved, since the death of Elaine Kauffan 2011 closed "Elaine’s" to inventory paid.

Kristof, who under the mockery of the Tough New York online community abolish the short of his second first name with the fundamental, the letter is one "Obstacle for our audience" (This is in NYC and Merkel "New ground"), are happy to be politically correct world spells.

In an interview, the Kristof gave in 2010 to the development policy magazine of Soys, he himself Outered himself as a critic of the Upper West Side of New York, when he realized it was easy to scoff on their cocktail parties on the missions of evangelicals in Africa; "But Those Folks Are out in The Middle Of Nowhere", Glamed Kristof the helpers.

"Now do not cry like a Bolivian orphan", told Woody all in "Manhattan" to youthful beauty Mariel Hemingway, when he gave her the running pass. This was nominated for their support for the Oscar. Adoptive daughter Dylan, this reports, he should have offered a role in a movie of the Master and a trip to Paris.

Like no other director, Woody has not only described the political cynism of politicians and Wallstreet, but also the cultural intellectual clientele of Warhol, Momo and Guggenheim, all in his in New York,.

As a reporter of the poor travels Kristof through the slums and escape warehouses and covers unused u.a. also the sexual exploitation in the third world. Through him, these topics get via NYT on the new York Society’s new York Society, which then donates millions or billions.

With the publication of the letter from Dylan Farrow, in which this unmistakable "He sexually assaulted me" Stayed, during their own information on statement from all to the distraction of abdominals with the electric railway of their brother, Kristof and the New York Times continue to put the Upper Westside Society.

It is not possible to extinguish that all and his wife are now less invited. Solidaritat cosiness are not to be expected, but a check of all in an Africa gala could certainly harm nothing.

Anyone who likes to discuss the family transactions at all / Farrow in German must not go to the colorful or gala, but to the daily mirror, where users have been passionately clear since October, who or not.

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