With zizek in darkroom

The Slovenian philosopher graved to Habermas’ Kerneuropa vision and egg from Lenin to Westerwelle

With Friends Like These, who needs enemies. The postmodern master driver Slavoj Zizek is always used when an obvious thought "deconstructed", So should be made unusable. Thus, the showcase Balkanese praised at an Essenten Symposium at the end of 2001, although he was still Toni Negris just before Empire , a gentle dementi of the imperialism analysis of Bolshevik, as "Communist manifesto of the 21. Century" fed. When Zizek his illigatory association chains then also love to press by Suhrkamp between two letters, the deterrent effect was maximal. If such a The revolution is imminent Plakated, could not be done with the same anymore. Flap too, Lenin dead.

The same is brought by Jurgen Habermas. The Frankfurt philosopher has not been promoting the revolution since the Iraq war, but for the decoupling of the EU from the US war machine, which could be a beginning after all, if it meant seriously (cf. Habermas is looking for Kerneuropa). We recap: Habermas concedes in mid-April "The normative authority of America in sessions" Liege and he, unlike in 1999, the warlike enforcement of human rights without a UN mandate for false. At the end of May he prayed the million endemonstrations of the 15. February as "Birth of a European public", The contributed to the formation of a "Avantgardist Kernel Europe" his had to be one "Sog" to have on the rest of the continent.

Habermas’s vision has its charm, because it does not settle the Europe to be created in the world (and thus tend to racist) from the new world, Slavism or Islamism. His wish-EU is not Christian, as Stoiber and Berlusconi want, but something "Constructed from the beginning". Each between Dublin and Vladiwostok, between Gronland and Anatolia can participate in this construct, which confesses the following principles:

Sacularization, state in front of market, solidarity before performance, techniques, awareness of the paradoxes of progress, departure from the right of stronger, peace orientation due to historical loss experience

so the collapse of an interviewer that does not contradict Habermas

ZIZEK is now attributable to this utopia in the last ie of Springers world on Sunday.

In fact, we want to live in a world in which the freedom of choice exists only more between the American Way of Life and an emerging authority capitalism of Chinese Provenance? If the answer to this question is no, only Europe can be the alternative.

That "Concept of European modernity" in contradiction both to the Jihad like to McWorld, which only "Two sides one and the same medal" represented. This is still reasonably reasonable, if it has also said Haberma’s Konke’s, and without the overall overall top against Beijing.

Also with Paris ZIZEK is on war fabric: "The fight against every form of the French left and right nationalists "Americanization" is above all an expression of a lack of readiness, … to accept the loss of the outstanding position of the Grande nation." Who under the title "From the chauvinism of the coringeuropa" Also, a few critical sentences had expected the imperial ambitions in Germany, will be destroyed. That’s no coincidence, because Zizek also criticizes the "Ethical-political revelation of the (European) community during the Yugoslav crisis at the beginning of the 1990s". He revites the accusation that the EU had taken the Serbian devil of happiness and determined to face – a reproach that at the time, in addition to Zizek, had also raised the German war drivers, so the circle will end, especially against Paris. The joint AUM and Militar Policy Kernel Europe, as unfortunately also asked Haberma, had already ended in 1992 with people such as Zizek and Cohn-Bendit with a bombing of Pale and Belgrade.

Finally, the oracle whirls, we could "Europe just lose …, that we try to defend it". Rather, the continent must have "First undergo radical self-criticism", "Must reinvent Europe", man "The project of the left carefully … rethink". Banned the reader waits, which comes now, but he is waiting for vain. By Lenin, which was still highly praised before the annual period, instead of whom Westerwelle Pur: "Old formulas like the idea of the welfare state" Histention is anachronistic, one "Braces on supervised ideas". Where Habermas, bad enough to renounce the demand of an egg economic policy as a condition for another Europe, he will be remedied by ZIZEK still.

Maybe you had to apply the joke to the Slovenians teaching in Essen, whom he likes to pay over Lenin: Marx, Engels and Lenin are asked if they preferred to have a wife or a lover. Marx, which is considered a rather drug, decides for the wife. The Bohemien Engels for the beloved. Lenin wishes both as well as. His buried: Then he will talk to the beloved tell, he was with the wife, and this, he visits the beloved. In truth, however, he only did one: learn to learn, learn. Zizek, so one had to continue, neither a wife nor from a lover still of learning something, but preferably with his teacher Foucault the Darkroom. There you have to have any idea of nothing and nobody and can still have his spab.

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