With crossover 20, microsoft office runs stably under chrome os

With CrossOver 20, Microsoft Office runs stably under Chrome OS

Crossover appears as version 20 and thus for the first time for Chrome OS. In addition, the API replica supports Microsoft applications running on other operating systems, now also Macos Big Sur. There are improvements for Linux users.

On Chromebooks can now be used with Crossover – Online and Offline – Windows applications. So far, this was only in a beta version, which was already started two years ago. With the update for the MacOS variant Big Sur should be covered first. However, Apple’s change of processors makes a lot of multi-work. "We work hard to get crossover for the upcoming Apple Silicon Macs to run." In the previous Intel Macs, Windows could even be installed relatively easily – this is probably no longer possible and makes services like crossover even more intense.

Also, the gaming compatibility for Mac users has been improved, such as the Support of Steam. "We hope our customers can run their loved 32-bit games back on Macs", It’s been in a blog post by Crossover, because you want to worries that you are not excluded to play the best PC games.

Download and general improvements

For Linux users, the integration of numerous desktop managers has been improved. In addition, the update should be easier to use. However, you still have to download the new version manually. Mac users get them automatically when the next time the settings allow you to. Chrome-OS users get a trial access in the download area of CodeWaever, the developer behind Crossover.

Overall, you have worked on the code of the Open Source project Wine, which represents the APIs, and thus create enhancement for all systems and applications. Which applications are compatible, is stored in a list on the page of codeweaver. Crossover is chargeable, but brings a lighter handling and graphic surface with what the free version of Wine can not. Crossover 20 also comes with a new branding that moves through the entire appearance.

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