Winter tires can save fuel

Winter tires can save fuel

Bonn / Munchen – There are several arguments that motorists can move to a point change on winter tires: they are raised before the first cold slap, you are prepared in front of ice and snow in time. And if vehicle owners can only react with domestic flake vortex, it could become difficult with an appointment in the workshop: the waiting times are not infrequently up to a week. And not only waiting time can save motorists, but with particularly narrow tires and increased tire prere also some drops of sprit. But not all experts recommend this more efficient rubber solution.

Silica saves fuel

Fruhe Galten winter tires because of its coarse profile as a foulter. "Such tires have not existed for a long time", says Hans-Jurgen Drechsler, business drivers at the Federal Association Tire Trading and Vulkaniser Crafts (BRV). With the so-called lamella technology and the admixture of the pebble acid salt Silica one is the solution of the target conflict between possibly low rolling resistance for high efficiency and possible high ground liability for safe driving a whole stucco met. "Meanwhile, the rolling resistance of winter and summer tires has almost aligned", says Drechsler.

For and against narrow tires

When choosing the tire for the cold season, the fear of high consumption – apart from the fact that engines with falling temperatures tend to be more fuel – so be unfounded. More: Who accesses narrower pneus with a smaller floor, can further reduce roll and air resistance and thus consumption: "In purely theoretically, it had to arrive, but there is no investigation", so drechist. The BVR therefore recommends a better despite the possible OKO effect to raise winter tires in the dimensions of summer tires. Even if narrower tires are released by the manufacturer. "Today we have so sensitively coordinated vehicles, because it can quickly change the driving behavior with very narrow tires", Warns Drechsler.

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