Where remains the racing series for alters?

Where remains the racing series for alters?

Hannover, 18. November 2008 – Touring car driver Bernd Schneider rises, at the final of the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) at the end of October in Hockenheim, he denied his last race, took three points and reached rank 6. He once said, "that 44, 45 is so the right age to go down with racing". He looks at 30 years of motorsport Zuchuck does not think of hinging the motorsport completely to the nail. Michael Schumacher dear at 37 years the formula 1 behind him. But he too can not leave the racing yet. So you saw him a few times at Amateur Motorcycle Races on a Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR of the Team Wooden Racing Promotion (HRP) to hunt a few round courses.

Talent question
It may look like that racers must be young to succeed. But one thing is certain: have not won your races because they were young, but because they had a special talent. After 30 (Schneider) or 20 years (Schumacher) may be missing in ambition, every round still to be a thousandth of faster than in the previous one. Because somewhere could be conclusion, no further increase in performance is more likely. Not at the latest in most people a certain listlessness?

Interesting would be the question: If Schneider or Schumacher at the age as they stopped, with racing, how far they had come? A loss? Not necessarily. Because how many undiscovered talents Moge still dune in people who were not possible through different circumstances to discover them? If you wanted to get in motorsport now, what opportunities and possibilities did you? Not many, that’s already anticipated. Of course, they could gain a racing cart and start exercising. Cartoams are like sand by the sea.

With a rectified touring car it is already harder, because where should one train? There are some branded deals such as BMW (for members of the BMW DRIVER Club, respectively. The mini challenge) or from racetracks (MotorsportRena Oschersleben, Motorsport Academy at Nurnburgring etc.) But these are only individual events that cost properly money – they are too expensive and too little common to collect experiences and racing kilometers.

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