When the XT 600Z Tenere appeared in 1983, she was right now the epitome of the adventure motorcycle, so she looked like Weste and Width. You could go to the bread on her every morning. A touch of Dakar blew through the inner town.

Already with the Urgrobmutter of all Enduros in the modern sense, the XT 500, Yamaha had landed a full hit in 1976. When she won the freshly baptized rally of Paris-Dakar twice in 1978, the competition began to copy the concept "Enduro". Therefore, for Yamaha, it was clear that a stronger variant had to be. After the somewhat glowless XT 550 in 1983 on the Moto Salon in Paris, the XT 600Z was presented with the nicknamed Tenere. A name to the dream, he refers to a particularly remote sanddown area of the Sahara in the Niger.

Especially the voluminous 30-liter tank statch immediately into the eye. The engineers had accomplished the art of art, the sprit barrel to shape the fuel so compact that it is not stored in the grand country. The Tenere took place in the right paragraph, was temporarily even the best-selling motorcycle in Europe, in the first ten years 61.000 stucco settled. It was as if the motorcycle world was waiting for this enduro.

Light and landing suitable

The 600-cubic single cylinder with four valves brought for the crankshaft to the crankshaft for then ratios and ran almost 160 km / h. At TopSpeed, she commuted questionable, but the drivers laid more value on landability anyway. Thanks to its Motocross monocross swingarm with central strut and the 41mm telegraph, the Tenere was very robust, the long spring trails swallowed uble crater and as a creampie she wore the red-woman colors of the factory yamahas. Even with a full tank, the Tenere only brought 162 kg on the scales, which knew the gelandrers very much.

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