Web framework: ember 3.20 globes outside the document


The EMBER team has version 3.20 of the square javascript framework published. The current release brings little new ones like the latest versions. Noteworthy is the API for {{in-element}} to define content that are not in the regular HTML history.

The new API extends largely the previously available {{-in element}}. The essential difference is not the lack of hyphen at the beginning, but that the old API was marked as a private, while the new is public. This signals the EMBER team that the API is stable, while private API calls can be disappeared from the framework from the framework.

Outside the regular document flow

The API has the same purpose as the plug-in EMBER-ELSEWHERE and EMBER-WORMHOLE: developers can define any elements that should break out of the regular DOM course, for example, for child elements, which looks like top-level dom- Elements behavior – for example a modal dialogue.

For the definition, {{In-Element}} requires a target element as a parameter. The block within the construct does not appear when defining, but when rendering the target element:

{{# -in element destination element}} Content of the element {{/ -in element}}

If the position of the target element arises, Ember rends the defined content at the new job. Compared to the private API, there is still a significant difference: the new API attributes the content of the goal, so it becomes its complete innerHTML, during the old one the block to the one in the target existing. If you liked the {{in-element}}, you must specify in addition insert bountish = zero.

Small startup of the glow

In addition, Ember brings 3.20 Two small assets for the command line interface EMBER-CLI and the Data Library EMBER DATA. The latter extends the JSONAPISERIALIZER around the Property IsembedDedRecordsMixIncompatible to manually identify them as compatible with embeddedRecordsMixin.

Further innovations and methods marked as uberhallt can be found in the ember blog. After all, the current release is the first with an innovation since the salute update in version 3.15 that had integrated the previously prepared change to Octane

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