“We need to talk”: no chance for russian-ukrainian dialogue in ukraine

Neonazis in front of the station. Image: Radio Svoboda

While the EU Ukraine summit took place, rough excitement prevailed on a planned Russian-Ukrainian broadcast for a burger dialogue, he was canceled by the Ukrainian Sender Newsone due to violent rates

Rough excitement was just after the Ukrainian broadcaster Newsone yesterday for the 12. July announced a teleconference with the Russian station Rossiya-24. There should be a two-hour marathon broadcast under the title "We need to talk" will. Supposed should be spoken on topics of everyday life, politics were allowed to leave.

The sole is almost a hysteria in the rights and nationalists, which shows how tensed domestically looks the situation. The transmitter is belonging to the deputy Taras Kozak from the opposition block, which should be forked with the Prorussian Oligarch Wiktor Medwedschuk. Kozak had also bought the broadcaster 112 last year and was committed to mid-June to acquire the station ZIK.

The right-wing extremists protested before the transmitter and customer actions, there were threats against the journalists and their families. Andriy Biletskyi, Fuhrer of the National Corpus, which has emerged from the right-wing extremist and neonazistic ASOW regiment, gave the President Selensky one day, "appropriate" to react as a head of state of a country that is in the war, to react.

The OSCE saw himself seen invoking the Ukrainian resistances to ensure the safety of employees, not to allow blockage and to ensure unobstructed operation. The new Prasident Volodymyr Zelensky, who is still fighting against the ancient structures and parties, brought the burgers to stay calm and to react to no provocation, which will allegedly stage pro-European and pro-Russian politicians. Talk to each other, he said to Vladimir Putin and suggest a meeting in Minsk before with him, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. What is the inclusion of Trump and May, which is already on the jump, he did not say. In any case, gross opportunities does not have this.

Intelligence, Parliament, Security Council in turmoil

Gross resistance raining in Rada, the sender should be sanctioned, one should escape him the license, was required. Parliament speaker Andriy Parubiy called for the 11. July an extraordinary meeting and called on the intelligence SBU to promise, who obeyed and came with the Attorney General Lutsenko suddenly with the claim that the station ultimately the Russian Bank Promsvyazbank underer.a. Finance the war against Ukraine. The National Security and Defense Council was called upon, on the other hand, the called one special session "Information security" a. Lutsenko spoke of highly treason and initiated investigations.

Image: Presidential Office of Ukraine / CC BY-SA-4.0

The Prasident of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and Jean-Claude Juncker, the CommissionSprasident, to the EU Ukraine summit in the country. Emphasized in the joint explanation, the practically unconditional support of Ukraine and their reform efforts. Russia was also convicted, the Russian passe, which may not recognize the Ostucrainians, is not to be recognized. It is condemned "Illegal annexation of the Crimea", Russia is called to take responsibility for the launch of the MH17. In the joint explanation, the indictment of the joint investigation team (JIT) against the four persons is charged. Be confirmed "professionalism and independence" the investigation. Of the right-wing extremists in the country or problems of non-compliant media was not the speech.

"Unprecedented printing of the right-wing extremists"

Newsone finally gave the prere and violent rates. You wanted the "First unpolitical teleconference" to organize. Because of the direct threat of corpulent violence, you say the shipment, because "Human life is the most important and absolute value". Man wool to create peace into Ukraine, but there was Krowe in Ukraine, who’s the war.

The members of the International Editorial Board, including the deputies Nathan Gill, David Kobern and Arne Gerike of the EU Parliament, shared with: "Our attempt to organize a potential for discussion of non-political ies without politicians and political propagandists through the contributions of normal people who never questioned the territorial integrite Ukraine, leading to a massive information attack launched by certain parties." Right-wing extremists and paramilitars, which were still in front of the transmitter even in the evening "unprecedented prere" outlined.

The Ukraine judge to the countries in which often violence against journalists is removed: "Freedom of expression and respect for the rights of journalists are basic values in the European Union and one of the clear criteria for assessing the ability of Ukraine for European integration, which are anchored in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement." The planned broadcast should beat a Brucke between Russia and Ukraine. This is part of the European tradition and result from the "Responsibility of the media for a culture of peace, dialogue and tolerance".

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