Watchos: new platform allowed dial to exchange exchange

Watchos: New platform allowed dial to exchange exchange

So far, Apple has always had the hands on his computer clock in terms of dials: users were able to make changes only with restrictions and do not share their creations with other users. With Watchos 7, which appears in autumn, that should be better. The operating system update makes the watches of the watch diverse and also allows a sharing for the first time. The art should also go via Web – and a new service that is currently started, should help.

Upload and distribute files

BuddyWatch is a Apple-independent project, on which user can share their dial-up creations (Watch Faces) with other users. It’s enough, ".watchface"-To upload files and to provide you with a description. Currently, Buddywatch knows seven different categories like "Casual", "Classy", "Health", "Nightlife" or "Sports", cover the different applications. Storing is currently still that the descriptions are partially wedged and incorporating too little details. Sometimes there are also tips that fits bracelet to a design.

Apple’s sharing strategy

Currently BuddyWatch Something only with the beta version of Watchos 7 – Watchos 6 does not know the parts of numbers of numbers yet. Technically, Apple has made the implementation at least on the iPhone very simple: you can share a dial design from the Apple Watch application, which is not only possible on messages, but also about iCloud links, which in turn allow a download. Also by e-mail and the App Store Watch Faces can be distributed.

Several complications of an app

With Watchos 7, Apple also allows it for the first time to display multiple complications of a single app. For example, for example, his favorite weather application can be made several times on a dial, such as their current temperature and prediction. So far, Apple had set a limit from a complication per app – which could be very storing.

Watchos 7

Watchos: New platform allowed dial to exchange exchange

Watcho’s preservation improved complications.

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