Wankel for europe: mazda rx-8 facelift

Wankel for europe: mazda rx-8 facelift

Leverkusen, 22. July 2009 – For a while, it was not clear if the new Mazda RX-8 introduced in January 2009 comes to Europe. Now the decision has fallen in favor of the local Wankel fans: at the IAA (17. to 27. September 2009 in Frankfurt am Main) the new Wankel athlete can be considered.

Trimming on Prasens

Optically, the new RX-8 is bully: wide xenon headlights, double-rich swelling Olkuhler airptings on the right and left as well as a newly drawn windsheller Prage the front of the Japanese. The extended hydrochlorians help to keep the OL in full load operation by six degrees kuhlers than before. Timebeam rays the jerk lights now with LEDs, the rear spoiler has been newly shaped and two coarse tailpipes send their grub to the strain.

Cabin upgraded

In the interior of RX-8, Mazda wants to leave a high-quality impression. So the surfaces were handled and the otherwise existing in the RX-8 special models black piano varnish applications in center console and steering wheel are now standard. New: The red area of the tachometer is variable, so hikes at the warm engine in higher regions. This technique is known, for example, from the BMW M5. As equipment, Recaro sports seats are in front, a Bluetooth hands-free facility, a light and rain sensor, a connection for external audio gates and a Bose sound system included.

Steering and malfunction refreshed

In order to improve the driving behavior of the RX-8, the body of the Wankel car was stiffened: According to Mazda, torsional stiffness increases by 5.4 and the bending stiffness by 8.7 percent. Among other things, a cathedral strut over the front axle. Bilstein-Stobdampfer should be good for a more constant malfunction. A direct steering gun is achieved according to Mazda by a modified front subframe.

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