Wachmacher: assistance system from mercedes warns at surveillance

Wachmacher: assistance system from mercedes warns at surveillance

Stuttgart, 17. December 2007 – At Mercedes-Benz, the last testing phase of an assistance system begins to warn motorist in good time before survivor and folded seconds. After completing all tests, the system will go in production in 2009.

Driver behavior is analyzed

According to current studies, up to 33 percent of all of the deadline traffic can be influenced on superimposed motorists. Foundation usually does not make sense noticeable, but builds on a certain period of time. The Mercedes system analyzes the driver behavior by means of various sensors and recognizes when the personal driving style is needed. In this case, the driver is remembered to take a break. The assistance system can already recognize mortgage in the batch and warn the driver.

Individual driver profile

Unlike other mortality recognition, the Stuttgart system evaluates a number of indicators to assess the attention of motorists and to recognize the moving transition from the waking state to the encouragement. With each ride, the "Attention Assist" constantly observes typical typical behavioral patterns of the Autolenker and determines an individual driver profile in this way, which serves as the basis for the mortality recognition. For significant deviations from the stored empirical values, the system determines whether signs are available for starting mortality or not.

Analysis of different measured increased

The measured increases in the speed, the long and transverse acceleration, the steering wheel angles, as well as certain operations such as pedal and turn signaling or activation of the windshield wiper system. But also external influences such as side winds or road unevennesses are considered.

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