Vw t6 model maintenance

Youngly entalked Mercedes his V-Class model maintenance. She puts the VW T6 transporter in many ways in the shadow. The answer of VW commercial vehicles dearly not long in coming. Although only a little has done in the design at the VW. The engines were handled, which comes with an electroviant of tuning specialist abbot and a larger step in the assistance systems.

As with model deposit of this kind, a slightly modernized front makes the models identifying, including the easy-to-modifying plastic components such as schurzen and lighting units, but not changes on the bodywork. Because you had to rebuild the tons of pressing tools.

More air

Chefdesigner Albert Kirzinger says to the light changes, "the T 6.1 stands with even more Prasence on the strain. We now have a very rough air inlet, which we really need technically for the modern engines. At the same time we could emphasize the width and develop an even more harsh view ". Who sharpens his own look, also sees: the cross-stretch from headlamps and the upper part of the boiler grille became narrower than the process.

Also redesigned was the dashboard, which is now equipped with animated instruments and is easy to tend to the driver. The top model VW T6 Multivan HighLine is designed series with the 10.25-inch creation screen, where the driver can optionally elections as with the car models between different views. New are the two navigation systems with screen diagonal of 8.0 and 9.2 inches, which offer thanks to the built-in SIM card now, among other a web radio, streaming and new online services.

More efficient

Volkswagen remains with the well-known two-liter diesel engines, which were used only for the new exhaust gas regulations. The basic variant strengthens from 84 hp to 90 hp, it remains 110 hp from the same engine. If you move more payload, pulling pears or a fully-made camper drive, is better served with the performance variants with 150 or 199 horsepower. While the 150 hp diesel can be combined as expected volume model with double-clutch transmission and four-wheel drive, the nearly 200 hp high top model offers both standard mabig.

About the cooperation partner ABT from Kempten, the VW T6 is also offered as electric version with a capacity of 82 kW. He is already on the Motor Show in Geneva (7. to 17. Marz) preloaded before the start of production for the first time in a tuning variant of the current body version.

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