Vw t5: iav offers natural gas recovery

Vw t5: iav offers natural gas recovery

Leipzig, 30. Marz 2009 – for Volkswagen Transport Casting T5 is now a decrease natural gas propulsion. The vehicle is presented by the engineering company Auto and Traffic (IAV) until 5. April at the Automesse Ami in Leipzig. IAV sees itself with Uber 3000 employees worldwide as one of the leading engineering partners of the automotive industry. According to own information, it is also Germany’s larger provider for natural gas millors of VW vehicles. Furthermore, in cooperation with different car manufacturers more than 100 were.000 vehicles equipped worldwide with the IAV natural gas concepts.

8.2 kilograms of natural gas at 100 kilometers

The base for the bivalent drive forms a 2.0 liter petrol engine with 115 hp. In the natural gas operation, the unit of 100 hp. The 24 liter coarse gas tank is installed in the interior or underfloor variant depending on the version. An average consumption of 8.2 kilograms of natural gas allows a range of 280 kilometers in pure gas operation. Together with the contents of the 80-liter gasoline tank, the T5 has a total range of over 1000 kilometers.

Complete strictest regulations

The VW T5 CNG also stobs very little particulate matter without rubber filter and up to 70 percent less nitrogen oxides. Thus, he is supposed to be especially suitable for transports and delivery services in the citys and metropolitan areas. Already today, the natural gas T5 involves the 2010 EU specifications for nitrogen oxides (NOx). In addition, 25 percent less CO2 is emitted in natural gas operation than in gasoline mode.

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