Vw polo v bluemotion: serious fuel saver study

Vw polo v bluemotion: serious fuel saver study

Geneva (Switzerland), 3. Marz 2009 – still it is a quarter of a year until the Polo V stands at the handler, because VW pushes at the Geneva Salon (audience days: 5. to 15. Marz) With the BlueMotion already a consumption-optimized study of the small car after that with 3.3 liters diesel to 100 kilometers should be held – according to 87 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Serial start 2010 targeted

A series start of the cars for a new 1.2 liter TDI is as good as.Previously, however, the development of the new three-cylinder with common rail injection will be completed completely, VW shared in Geneva. "I ame that we can go in production in February 2010", Forecasted Volkswagen development board DR. Ulrich Hackenberg, though this one "sporty schedule" may be.

Handle in the trick box

For energy saving, among other things, a start-stop automatic and an intelligent control of the alternator should contribute. During the thrust and brake phase of the Polo BlueMotion, the voltage of the alternator is raised and to "Load massive" the vehicle battery used. On the other hand, the voltage of the alternator – for example when accelerating or at a constant travel – can be lowered. Even the complete switching off of the generator is possible. In order to relieve the engine in this way, it requires a special software for energy management and a modified software of the engine control apparatus, allowing VW.

Only 1080 kilograms weight

The 1080 kilogram lightweight study Polo BlueMotion is a aerodynamic package, an aerodynamically optimized underbody and roll-resistive tires on 15-inch alloy wheels. Oberdies the body is lowered by ten millimeters. To further feature the study presented in Geneva, an individually tailored interior design in the Trim "Power on" as well as a high-circuit and a tire prere display. Painted is the Polo BlueMotion in the newly developed color "Emotion Blue".

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