Vw is rising construction of its own battery factory

Vw is rising construction of its own battery factory

For the expansion of the electromobilitat Volkswagen rejoited the billions-heavy construction of a separate battery factory. Such a work could cost up to ten billion euros, the DPA learned from group circles. A possible location was Salzgitter. Previously, the Handelsblatt had reported, in VW management, the mood tends to be independent of asian manufacturers in order to be independent of Asian manufacturers. A VW spokesman spoke of "speculation" that does not comment the company. "Limited: We have brought the electromobility into the center of the group and compensated extensive competences."Volkswagen have set itself the goal of becoming market operators in the E-Mobilitat by 2018.

The works council chairman of Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW had repeatedly made a lot of battery production in Germany. It is all about the production of battery cells. The cells are considered the breakdown of electric cars because they so far limit the range and make the vehicles expensive. Germany threatens to be dependent on Asian manufacturers. Tesla builds in the US together with Panasonic the previously large cell production in the world, which should start 2017.

Employee representatives also launched workplace losses in factories in which components are built, which are no longer needed in the E-Auto Age. At Volkswagen, this is about the future of the engine plant in Salzgitter, in which producing drives are built. Workstand Bernd Osterloh warned in Marz 2016, according to the participant circles on a business meeting, the factory will be set in the coming 10 to 15 years by changing the drive technology "in front of a massive procurement problem".

The car industry has held so far on the economy of such battery cell production. Daimler had set his cell production in the Sachsian Kamenz at the end of 2015. Only the battery systems themselves build the German carmakers together. VW brand boss Herbert This had already called a rethinking in November 2015. "I think we need battery delivery in Germany. This is the core technology of the electromobility, "said the DPA. "A gross part of the value chip will be the battery in the future. In this respect, I fished a concerted action right."

Volkswagen also wants to massively expand the electromobility as a result of the exhaust scandal. In 2025, the Group wants with its brands VW, Audi, Porsche CO. sell a million electric cars and hybrid vehicles. Every tenth car had a battery drive on board today. The Federal Government had recently decided to buy programs for electric cars and hybrid vehicles in Germany.

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